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Blogapalooza | Healthy First Carrot Juice

Even before the Blogapalooza, I already know about the Healthy First Carrot Juice because I always see their booth whenever I visit the Sidcor Weekend Market. I see them as a very enthusiastic company - offering free taste of their carrot juice to everyone who passes by the aisle where their booth is located. Back when the weekend market was located at the grounds of Lung Center of the Philippines, I always eat my meal at Tita Norm's, which was right next to their booth. Needless to say, I would often buy their juice to go with my meal. :)

Healthy First at Blogapalooza

Healthy First started in 2007. Reading their history from their Facebook Page, it was so interesting how blessings came to them - from a vegetable juicer, to helping an apostolic work for the Baguio farmers. They then started producing homemade carrot juice, which they offered to weekend market shoppers as their way of promoting a healthier way of drinking juice.

Healthy First Carrot Juice
photo from archives, circa 2010

Healthy First carrot juice is available in 500ml. bottles for 45 pesos each. Their juice has no preservatives, and that they use only purified and energized alkaline water.

Flavors available include:
  • Carrot - Mango - Melon
  • Carrot - Mango
  • Carrot - Strawberry
  • Carrot - Pineapple - Lychee
  • Carrot - Four Seasons (carrot, apple, mango, melon)
  • Carrot - Mango - Lychee
  • Carrot - Melon

Like I said, I have been one of their patrons since then, but I always go for the four seasons because it had more fruit flavors, haha. At the Blogapalooza, though, I chose the Carrot - Strawberry, and it was refreshingly good. It also had bits of strawberries inside, something that made my drink worth its price. Imagine how much strawberries cost these days...

We all know that carrots are rich in Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene - it can help with our eyesight... but it also protects our heart, it prevents constipation, it combats cancer and it promotes weight loss.

If you have to taste the goodness of carrot juice mixed with different fruit juices, check out the Healthy First stall at these locations:
  • Sidcor Weekend Market (Centris Walk, Quezon City) - Sundays, 6:00am - 2:00pm
  • Quezon Memorial Circle Weekend Market - Saturdays and Sundays, 6:00am - 1:00pm
  • Green Market Bazaar (ELJ Building, ABS-CBN Compound) - Fridays, 7:00am - 7:00pm
  • NCO Bazaar (ELJ Building, ABS-CBN Compound) - Fridays, 2:00am - Saturdays, 9:00pm
  • Northeast Greenhills Bazaar (La Salle Street) - Sundays, 6:00am - 12:00nn
  • CVC Supermarket (Cainta) - Daily

Just so you know... Healthy First carrot juice lasts 10 hours in room temperature, lasts two to three days inside the fridge, and when frozen, it lasts for two - three weeks.

Aside from the freshly made carrot juice, they also offer Baked Goodies and other delicacies / meals, which you can order from them (they do small catering for maximum of 30 people). If you're interested, go visit them at the locations listed above, or contact them:
Ima: 546-1916 / 0917-8303434 / fatimaverzosa@yahoo.com
Ninay: 425-6473 / 0927-8940610 / ssverzosa1@yahoo.com

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