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Foodie 365 | Week 36

Before a quite lengthy round up of changes, here are the foods for Week 36:

246. Taho

246. Taho

My sister, our neighbor Ria, and I got back to jogging at Colinas Verdes. Before going home, we saw a taho vendor and we decided to buy a small cup each just to reward ourselves (well, we only eat taho every Saturdays).

247. Pizza Pasta Salad

247. Pizza, Pasta, Salad
Chef d'Angelo - SM City Fairview

After hearing the mass at the mall, mom told sis and I that we should eat early lunch first before doing the grocery shopping. Sister told us that Chef d'Angelo is having an "Eat-All-You-Can" promo on pasta, salad, and pizza from 11am-2pm (and again at 5-8pm), so we waited for an hour at the restaurant just to avail it. Well, we decided to go for it because while we were thinking of what to eat, we computed the amount of foods and mom's choice of food already summed to 200, whereas the promo would only cost us 150 each.

I loved Chef d'Angelo's pizza! It was thin crust yet very soft, and I did love their garden pizza... so delicious without the guilt feeling. :)

248. Fitnesse Cereal

248. Fitnesse Low-Fat Whole Wheat Cereals

I saw a TVC for the Fitnesse 14 day challenge and I wanted to give it a try as it would also be a good way of taking in calcium (milk) because I admit I lack calcium. As per package instructions, one should take 30 grams (a little less than 1 cup) of the Fitnesse cereal + 125 ml. of low fat milk for breakfast and any other mill (either lunch or dinner). I decided to eat the cereal for breakfast and dinner, and at first I doubted if the 30 grams of cereal would able to get me through the entire morning, but it did.

249. Tomato and Herb Bruschetta

249. Tomato and Herb Bruschetta

Today, my brother and I attended the SM Master Chefs Cooking Marathon at SM City Fairview. The first dish cooked by Chef Deejay was the Tomato and Herb Bruschetta, something that really tickled my taste buds because of its many flavors. If you want to know how to prepare this, I will be sharing the recipe this coming Tuesday.

250. Salmon Head Sinigang

250. Salmon Head Sinigang

I am trying my best to include vegetables in my diet, so instead of cooking my share of the salmon head into paksiw, I decided to cook sinigang instead, so I could add veggies.

I didn't know what happened to me today... everything was a-okay until 2 hours after eating my lunch. My tummy started aching and I couldn't say if it was because of acid, if it was because I ate quite a lot for lunch, if it was because of the water I drank while jogging this morning, if it was because of the milk, if it was because I still forced myself to do Hip Hop Abs, or if it was because of all of these reasons. I was so sick that afternoon that I decided to stop the Fitnesse cereal dinner because maybe my tummy was starting to react with the milk (I am not 100% lactose intolerant, but I can only take minimal amounts of milk and other dairy products).

Anyway, I got to read one weight-loss success story, and one of the tips given by the sharer was "to not buy a food item which you can't have control of." I realized it was the salmon head for me. I noticed I am eating a whole lot whenever I cook the salmon head, so this will be the last time I'd eat salmon head... for this year.

251. Beef Stroganoff Pasta

251. Beef Stroganoff Pasta

As per family's order, I paused my Fitnesse Challenge, but I will go back when my tummy's feeling okay already. For brunch, I cooked this pasta using the recipe I learned at the event I attended last Tuesday.

{Please check the previous post for the recipe.}

252. Toast with Malunggay Spread

252. Toasted Bread with Malunggay Spread

While in Bohol, we were able to tour the the Bohol Bee Farm, and inside their souvenir shop, they also had some spreads for sale, which shoppers can get to taste as they have one opened bottle per spread and lots of containers with bite size bread pieces inside. Between Coriander and Malunggay spreads, I found the malunggay more delicious, so when mom told me she'd buy one container, I requested if we could get the malunggay instead. This spread had a hint of garlic (which I'd say was overpowering), but I really love it.

- * - * - * -

I think by now you noticed two changes here on my blog. One was the header. Now that I am trying to lose weight and that I don't eat like I used to, I don't think I can live up to the tagline "I Live to Eat!" anymore. Also, one of the lessons I learned about Blog Branding at the Bloggers Fiesta Manila, it's much better to have the same blog URL and blog name/title so this blog is now officially called, "Tara, Let's Eat!"

Also about branding, I decided to change the way I put "watermark" on my images. Instead of putting my name, I am now going to watermark my images with my blog's URL, so when I upload the images on my Facebook account or share it on different forums, people who can see my images can also see my blog's URL. I think that's one of the good ways of driving traffic. :)

I maintain five blogs, and at times, one particular image I edited is shared on different blogs. With this new change in watermarking my images, I knew I had to edit one image more than one time if needed, but it's a change I am willing to embrace.

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