Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekend Eating | Indang's Kiddie Birthday Party

There was no Weekend Eating post last Monday because I didn't bring my net book, but now that I am back, I do hope you still can join this meme. :)

Us Girls with Jambo-Jet

Last Saturday, us girls went to our next door neighbor's house to celebrate 'te Indang's birthday. She is now in her 40s, but her family always celebrates it kiddie style, and even if our family is the only family without a baby (the cute child in the picture is Charmy's son, Jamy), we always enjoy kiddie parties because it's always fun.

Popping Balloon Popping Balloon

They lined up different games - both for kids and adults. First game was the longest birthday greeting ("happy birthday Indaaaaaaaang"), but since the kids were a bit shy to join, they decided to do the adult edition first. Mom's time was about 15 seconds (I think), and I thought I was able to beat her time, but I only managed to get a time of 10.2 seconds. Accck! Anyway, all of us who joined the game surely had fun! After this, the kids were already eager to join the game.

Next game was about balloon popping. Each kid has their own balloon, which they need to pop in order to get the paper inside the balloon. The paper had its own prize, but since there was one extra balloon, sister got to have it - meaning she has to pop her balloon, too! She was able to get a "special prize," which was a pocket-size magnetic Snakes and Ladders board game.

Birthday Celebrant

Food Spread

Kids and adults happy, it was then time to eat snacks. On the table were pancit bihon (for long life), puto, biko, egg sandwich, hotdogs with marshmallows, chicken macaroni salad, gelatin, bite-size pieces of: lumpiang shanghai, kikiam (not the ones you can buy as street food), and squid balls.

My Food at the Party

Us girls had left over patola and kalabasa for lunch, and while eating we already decided that what we eat at the party will be our dinner for that day (less foods to cook, less dishes to wash, less foods to eat). This was my plate, and I commend myself for not having second servings. The pancit was my favorite, I seriously want to go back and get more of it, but I told myself what I ate was enough. I also didn't drink softdrinks (only had water) to lessen my sugar intake.


With the kids' tummies and energies full, it was then time to do the pabitin, which was also the last game for the party.

It was a simple celebration, yes... but all of us at the party had fun. To you, 'te Indang, happy happy birthday! We wish you good health and long life.

So... what did you have last weekend? If you're new to the Weekend Eating meme, you can read the rules and get the badge codes HERE. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined last last week.

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