Monday, September 19, 2011

Foodie 365 | Week 37

I wasn't able to post this yesterday because Internet suddenly became slow, so might as well share this now in case it rains later again. Here are the foods for Week 37:

253. Shamrock Baked Polvoron

253. Baked Polvoron by Shamrock

I got home from my vacation weeks ago, but we still haven't opened any of the food packs we brought home, and because I had this "need" to blog about the Shamrock products, I decided to open this for our snacks today.

254. Siomai with Mixed Veggies

254. Siomai with Mixed Veggies

Eating at least one kind of vegetable everyday is slowly becoming a habit for me, and I am starting to love this kind of foodie routine.

255. Laing con Kangkong

255. Laing con Kangkong

The night before, brother went home from a team building with some packs of the Ulalaaam ready to eat food. I still haven't tasted the Laing flavored one, so for today's lunch, I decided to open the pack to save me from cooking. I noticed that one pack didn't have that much food inside, and thankful to the bunch of Kangkong I had in the fridge, I was able to double its volume. Very simple lunch, but I liked it.

256. Papa John's Pizza

256. Super Papa Pizza by Papa John's

Today is mom's birthday, and since there's a new food place in the mall, we went to celebrate mom's birthday there. To save money and to taste more food, we decided to go for the small sized pizza. Aside from this one, we also ordered the Grilled Chicken Pizza. Both pizza tasted so good, we will surely be back to eat there.
257. Shamrock Rosquillos

257. Rosquillos by Shamrock

Another pack of Shamrock food opened.

258. Beef Nilaga

258. Beef Nilaga

In one very old episode of the Biggest Loser Australia, one of the trainors (I think it was Shannan) said that protein has to be about 100 grams only. I am not sure if he meant weighing the protein before cooking it or weighing it before eating it, so I took out the food scale to weigh my beef. At first I thought 100 grams wouldn't be enough, but as I put beef on the scale I come to realize that 100 grams is actually more than enough to make one feel full. Actually, the beef on my plate weighed only 70 grams, just in case what Shannan meant was "100 grams uncooked protein." :)

259. Bibimbap

259. Bibimbap

I bought zucchini last week hoping to cook a frittata, but I forgot to include a pack of sweet ham, so I just cooked Bibimbap for today's lunch. Good thing the family liked it. :)


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