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Blogapalooza | Farmer John Premium Potato Chips

When I started anew this journey to fitness and weight loss, one of the things I told myself was that I'd try to stay away from chicherya. Well, it's true what they say, "What you resist, persists." When I attended the Blogapalooza and saw the Leslie's booth featuring the bags of potato chips, my mind was already starting to "rebel" on me. :)

Joy of Leslie's

Based on what I heard from the presentation, Farmer John Potato Chips are made from Atlantic potatoes (America's favorite potato). It is prepared right after harvesting to ensure the freshness and the quality. It is cholesterol-free, GMO-free, and has no trans fat, making it a good choice compared to its counterparts.

Currently, there are four flavors and two types of cut, and since Leslie's was so generous to let bloggers take home a big pack of each of the flavors, I was able to taste the chips at home - and yes, it also gave me the time to photograph them separately.

BBQ Sausage

BBQ Sausage (Wavy Cut). At first bite it could be salty. However, as I eat more and more of the chips, it gets better and better. My sister shared the same sentiments - one small taste would never be enough to sum it up, and even if I am not personally fond of the BBQ flavor, this one's quite good.

Simply Salted

Simply Salted (Thin Cut). This was love at first taste. Sometimes, the simplest can be the best, and I loved that I was able to fully enjoy the taste of the potatoes. This one can actually compete with the Imported brands, and I really felt sad when I ate the last morsel of chip. This can make you crave for more.

Mesquite BBQ

Mesquite BBQ (Thin Cut). Although this is BBQ flavored, it had the hint of sweetness to it, which I immediately appreciated.

Cheddar and Sour Cream

Cheddar and Sour Cream (Wavy Cut). Another flavor that I loved, like what I said about the first flavor, this could be a little salty at first bite, but since it also had the Sour Cream flavor, eating more of the chips would let you taste its tangy side, which actually paired well with the cheesiness. :)

Farmer John Potato Chips are by Leslie's, the same company that gave us the ever-famous Clover Chips. It may be a local company, but their potato chips can surely match up to the International brands. Personally, I can now say that I am liking Farmer John's Potato Chips over Lay's, because...
  • the chips are NOT that oily (but of course there are still traces of oil, after all, it's deep fried).
  • the chips' cuts are actually quite thick - yes, it's thin cut, but thick enough for you to taste the goodness of the potatoes.
  • it's cholesterol-free, GMO-free, and has no trans fat. Wait, I already said that... but let me just stress on it again. :) There is a printed Nutrition Facts at the back of each pack, but of course, even if this is somewhat "healthier," we really should not overeat on these chips because it is still packed with sodium.

Farmer John Potato Chips - sizes

There are two sizes for the chips - the 30 gram pack, which is around p12 pesos... and the 90-gram pack, which retails at around p40 pesos (I forgot the exact price). For that price, this certainly is more affordable than the International brands. Since I am now walking along the healthier path, I guess I can only eat the 30-gram pack once in every two / three weeks.

Wild Willy's Chicharrones

Aside from Farmer John Potato Chips,  I was also able to sample another Leslie's product - Wild Willy's Real American Chicharrones. This isn't the ones made from peas (which is gaining more popularity as of late), this is real pork rinds and available in two flavors: Salted and with Vinegar. Among the two, I prefer the salted one.

I guess eating chicherya is acceptable as long as you watch what you eat. On our next grocery day, I might include a pack of the Simply Salted potato chips, but will settle for the smaller bag only, and I will really psyche myself to just put in just one pack in the cart.

Crossing fingers.

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