Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ABC Wednesday | F and G

I told myself I will complete all 26 letters of the alphabet for ABC Wednesdays, but because I was so busy last Wednesday (I was out of town Thursday), I wasn't able to post my take for letter F. Please allow me to do a two-in-one post this week. :)

Fern Salad Paco (Edible Fern)

My F food is the "Fern Salad." There are different kinds of edible fern, and I do remember my late father buying some when brother and I were still very young (sis wasn't born yet), but I never dared taste it, because as you well know, kids don't like eating vegetables that much. Well, I do eat veggies even when I was young, I wasn't just into leafy ones then.

Anyway, when I took the picture on the right late last year at a weekend market, I told myself I wanted to taste it. I sure can buy a bunch back then, but I didn't know how to prepare it and the weekend market was quite far from our house, so I decided not to buy - as I didn't want to end with wilted fern once I reach home.

May of this year, I was able to finally taste the edible fern, when sis and I traveled with our neighbor Ria in Quezon Province. The salad was served with sliced salted eggs, onion, and tomatoes... as well as canned sardines (in tomato sauce). It was an interesting dish that made me fall in love with it quickly.

Well, salad may not win you friends as Homer Simpson said, but... for sure your body will thank you for eating veggies.

Snacks at Philippine Airlines

My G picture is the "Graham Crackers," which I had for snacks while on a flight to Manila from Tagbilaran City (Bohol) this afternoon. For this one, I would agree with Wolfgang Puck - airline foods are expensive (a bottle of water cost 50 pesos, but at a supermarket it only cost around 15 pesos), but I am really thankful that I was able to get free snacks for this flight. This was my third time to fly via Philippine Airlines, and on my very first flight we weren't given free snacks as we purchased the promo tickets. When I flew to Cebu City last Thursday, I was given snacks, too, and because I was alone that day (my flight was 6 hours earlier than my mom's flight), I thought I was given free snacks because my ticket was bought at a regular price. For this flight (I was with mom), my mom was given snacks even if her ticket was bought at a promo price, so I guess every passenger at PAL now gets free snacks - something I am happy about, because the other Philippine based airline doesn't give free snacks. :)

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