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Blogapalooza | Size Matters Sausage Burgers

Last Monday, I talked about my Blogapalooza experience, and since some of the companies that presented at the event were about food, I decided to devote one post for each of these companies, after all, this is my food blog. I'd still talk about the other "non-food" companies, but for now, let me focus on the foods first. :)

JR of Size Matters

If our lunch was provided by Italianni's, Healthy First, and AquaBest... our snacks were provided by Size Matters flame-grilled sausage burgers. There sure are so many burger joints around the Metro, but what made it different from the other burgers is that the patties are made with 100% pork sausages turned into burger patties.

They have three kinds of sausage burgers and three kinds of gourmet burgers aside from their sausage fest menu, but for the Blogapalooza we had:

Hungarian Sausage Burger

Hungarian Sausage Burger. Hungarian pork sausage patty served with mayo, onions, lettuce, and tomatoes in an oat bun. Their patties are flame-grilled, and I really tasted its smokey goodness. It screams sausage in every bite and for a person who is always eating burgers with ground beef patties, this was a very great change.

Like I said, there were three kinds of Sausage Burgers, aside from the Hungarian, the other two were Italian Garlic, and Breakfast. All these sausage burgers cost p125 for the 1/4lb patty, and p199 for the 1/2lb patty. I think the one served to us was the 1/4lb one, but it was more than enough to make one full. I actually wanted to set aside half of the burger, take it home and give it to my sister, but it was just so good that I wasn't able to stop myself from eating it. :)

As for their Gourmet Burgers, the have:
  • The B.I.B. (Breakfast in Bed) - Breakfast Sausage patty with mayo, bacon and fried egg, topped with American cheddar cheese and farm fresh lettuce, onions, tomatoes in English muffin bun. Costs p189 for the 1/4lb patty and p245 for the 1/2lb patty.
  • The I.B.J. (Italian Burger Job) - Italian Garlic Sausage patty with mayo, topped with caramelized onions,  farm fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and Monterey Jack cheese in an oat bun. Costs p179 for the 1/4lb patty and p235 for the 1/2lb patty.
  • The D.P. BLT (Double Patty) - Bacon and mozzarella cheese sandwiched between two Hungarian Sausage patties with mayo, topped with farm fresh lettuce and tomatoes in an oat bun. Costs p245.
After eating my burger, I went to the back part of the venue to get some water and saw some bloggers making a little commotion. Checking it out I saw this:

Hungarian Sausage 12 inches

Sausage Fest. I wasn't able to ask what kind of sausage was this, but because there were two 12-inch sausage sandwich at the event, I was able to taste a part of it when they (bloggers) finally decided to cut it out in pieces. I sooo loved the sausage! It had everything I want in a sausage: big, juicy, and with a hint of spice (because of the pepper). I only had a portion of the sandwich (possibly about 3 inches long), but I actually had a difficult time biting the whole sausage!

They have four sausage to choose from for the Sausage Fest - Hungarian, Italian Garlic, Schublig, and Kielbasa. These pork sausage links are served with mayo, onions, and tomatoes, in a bun. Costs p149 for the 6-inch link and p249 for the 12-inch link.

As for the drinks, they do offer the usual drinks - Classic Iced Tea, Soda in Can, SML Beer, and Bottled Water, but they also offer two unique drinks: the Blue Iced Tea (which comes in three sizes - 14oz, 22oz, and 36oz) and Imported Beer. If you want the imported beer, just ask them what they have available so you can make your choice.

To complete your foodie experience, they also offer Combo / Drink upgrades.

Final shot:

Hungarian Sausage 12 inches

Explaining something about their Sausage Fest, they talked about the current Size Matters champ. This game was something like the KFC Tower Burger... but instead of eating it under 2 minutes, they actually have the current champ's time of 3 minutes and 23 seconds. If you think you can eat this 12-inch sausage sandwich with Macho Mug iced tea (I guess that's 36oz) in under 3 minutes and 23 seconds, buy the whole meal (all in all it costs p334), but if you beat the time, they will give a refund of what you paid. I am not sure when this game ends, but you can just ask them if this is still up for grabs. :) Personally, I don't think I can beat that time because it took me nearly a minute to eat up my share of the sausage sandwich.

Size Matters Flame Grilled Sausage Burgers is located at 3/F #186 Tomas Morato cor. Scout de Guia in Quezon City. They are open from 11am - 11pm on Sundays 'til Thursdays, and 11am - 1am every Fridays and Saturdays. You can reach them by phone at 413-87-15, and you may also reach them via their Facebook Page. They also deliver via Two-Any-One (2121212).



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