Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Harvest

July of last year, my sister and I cooked Dinamita Wraps, a very delicious pica-pica using finger chilies. We used about 10 chilies that time, and since the chilies were spicy, we decided to see if we could grow it. I scattered the seeds in one small pot with soil, and soon after the seeds were starting to grow. However, their growth took time because there were too many seedlings trying to fit into one small pot, so I chose the two tallest and re-planted them in another pot.

Chili Finger

January of this year, I noticed one of the plants bearing a fruit. I was really, really happy about it and I really took the time to tend to the plants, taking out bugs and watering it when the soil dries up. Soon after, the other plant bore fruit, and I am a happy farmer. :)

I knew finger chilies would get long, so I didn't touch the fruits until they were long enough. The fruits actually looked like bell peppers, and for a while brother was saying that I planted the wrong kind of chilies.

My Harvest

When sister and I returned from our vacation early March, I noticed the first fruit becoming orange, but I didn't want to harvest it yet because I don't have any dish to add it with. As the days passed, it became reddish-orange, so I decided to harvest it even if I won't use it yet. The second fruit I harvested a few days after, but I wasn't able to photograph it because I used it the soonest time I harvested it.

I don't really have the green thumb, but agriculture is something I am so interested at even when I was still young. I haven't done much gardening and growing crops, but now that I was able to grow the finger chilies, I am so game to plant other veggies, too. I just scattered bell pepper seeds in another pot, and the next grocery day, I am planning to buy tomato seeds so I can plant it, too. Woo hoo!

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Yummy EATS

By the way, I saw this at the Yummy Magazine Facebook page, and thought I'd share it here on my blog. Mark your calendar - 21 May 2o11 - it's going to be an awesome, awesome Yummy event!

It's still quite far from now, so I still am not sure if I can attend this event (the location was far, too), but I so want to attend Yummy Magazine event as it's been so long since I last attended one (Yummy Weekend at Salcedo Weekend Market in 2008). I hope the planets would align for me so I could attend this.

*** Jenn ***

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