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Pasta and More?

Tungkong Mangga, Quirino Highway
San Jose del Monte, Bulacan
+63 (44)924-6272 / +63 (44)691-2500 / +63 (44)815-5555 (delivery)
14 July 2010

Greenwich Tungko

It was sister's day off that day and I was talking to her about us going out to eat. She felt a little lazy to go out, so we were thinking of having foods delivered, but as soon as we decided to make the call, brown out came. It was really unfortunate that our phone dies when the power dies, too, so without anything to do, we just decided to go and eat out. Sister was asking brother to come with us, but he didn't want to, so it was just us.

Normally, we do our food trips in SM City Fairview, but one way fare going there was 10 pesos, so sister suggested for us to eat in Tungko (San Jose del Monte, Bulacan) because going there was would only cost us 7 pesos each. We planned to eat at Jollibee, but talking while traveling made us decide to eat at Greenwich instead.

Greenwich Tungko

Greenwich Tungko

The place had two floors, but the second floor was closed because they wanted to use up the ground floor first. The dining area on the first floor wasn't that big and could occupy four tables with four chairs. We decided to get the table near the glass wall so we could see what was happening outside as well.

Our foods:

Bacon Chicken Carbonara

Bacon Chicken Carbonara (p99 /usd2.28). Spaghetti is my favorite type of pasta, but I wanted to taste their new pasta, and chose this because of the bacon. I found it really good - the bacon was cooked to my liking (cooked just right and not toasted), and the pasta was al dente. This already came with free drinks. Awesome!

3-Cheese Sausage Macaroni

3-Cheese and Sausage Macaroni (p99 /usd2.28). Sister's pasta. Sister commend the amount of pasta in the serving, and I had to agree. Greenwich pasta has really leveled up. As for the taste, sister said it was seasoned just right, and the cheese was great, although there weren't much sausage slices inside.

Angus Maximus Overload Pizza

Angus Maximus Overload Pizza (p449 / usd11.49). This is the family size rolled-edge thick crust pizza. The cashier suggested this to us while we were thinking which pizza flavor to choose, and since sister has tasted the angus beef, she said this might be a good choice so I could taste it, too. The picture looked nice, yes, but sadly, this was just the other half of the pizza. The other half didn't have much beef, and there was actually one slice without any beef in it. Ugh. It tasted a bit like eating cheese and tomato pizza because it lacked beef.

I just thought maybe it was still quite early and they were saving up the stock to last the day, or maybe because it was quite early, they still didn't have deliveries. I am not the type of person who takes everything at face value, but yes, I was really disappointed with this pizza. We ate two slices each and took home the rest so bro and mom could taste it, too.

Pizza Fries

Pizza Fries (p49 / usd1.12). Before leaving, sister and I bought the pizza fries to take home. It had two flavors - Garlic & Cheese and Pepperoni - and we bought each of the flavors. I liked the Garlic & Cheese more, but the Pepperoni was good, too.

I am 50-50 about this food trip. I love the pasta and the pizza fries, but the pizza not so much. I don't know if it tasted better elsewhere, I haven't tried this pizza again since I first tasted it. Well, I am not really saying it was bad - maybe there were just factors why the pizza had lesser toppings.

The Greenwich Tungko branch is located next to Jollibee, along the highway.

*** Jenn ***

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