Wednesday, March 23, 2011

J - Jollibee Delivery

There aren't that much foods starting with "J," so for this round, I am going for Jollibee again. Well, I still haven't blogged about these particular foods and experience, so it's like blogging anew again. :)

Anyway, Jollibee - being the most popular local fast food is something we don't like that much anymore, and when the family goes out to eat, us siblings would always tell mom, "It's okay for us to eat anywhere but Jollibee." I guess with us growing up eating this food - this was something we considered a favorite when we were younger - we just got a little tired eating it and wanted to taste other flavors, too.

However, that is not the case when we were at home. Our place is quite far from the commercial side of whole Metro Manila, so when we found out Jollibee can deliver in our place, we often resort to calling the magic number (8-7000) to phone in our Jollibee orders because we were too lazy to prepare dinner. We do love having Jollibee delivery days because they were prompt in delivering, and if they would be late (there is a 30-minute grace period from the time of call), the branch delivering would call us to inform of the delay, and often times they would give coupon cards, or gift certificates, or something as incentive.

My cousin Mhai was here that time, so our orders that day were:

Jollibee Chickenjoy and Palabok

Jolly Chickenjoy and Palabok Meal. Mom's meal. Mommy really, really loves the Pancit Palabok of Jollibee, and this is something she orders everytime we would eat Jollibee. Well, it used to be my favorite, but now, I prefer the thick noodles (Pancit Malabon) so I don't eat this food that much anymore.

Jollibee Champ

Jolly Champ. Sister's Order. I don't know why she likes this burger - it's basically just the regular burger (only bigger) with additional veggies. I always feel buying the Champ isn't value for money because there was no major change, just like the McDonald's Big Mac. Well, it was her order, so bottomline will always be "respect." Hahahaha.

I am also linking this picture for Food Quote meme.

Jollibee Burger Steak (2pcs)

Jolly Burger Steak, 2 Pieces. My choice. Normally, my choice of Jollibee food would be like that of mom's except that I would opt for the spaghetti, but for this day, I wasn't craving for chicken, and I went to something I liked before. In college, I consider this food my savior because they used to have a promo (1 piece burger steak + regular drink + 1 peach-mango pie for only p45). Well of course, it's a thing of the past already. I still like the burger steak, although I hate the aftertaste when I burp after eating this food. :)

Jollibee Chicken Barbecue (Spicy)

Jolly Spicy Chicken Barbecue, 2 Pieces. Brother's choice. I never liked their chicken barbecue ever since it came out (it tasted like boiled chicken basted with barbecue sauce and grilled just to get the char-grilled marks), and my brother doesn't like it really, too, but it's something he orders every now and then, "just to be different."

Jollibee Spaghetti, Fries, and Yum

Jolly Spaghetti and Regular Yum Value Meal. Cousin Mhai's choice. Their spaghetti will always be part of my top 10 spaghetti, and when I saw my cousin open this, I was like, "Wished I ordered that, too." The spaghetti has captured this particular Filipino flavor, and I just love it!

Jollibee Hotdog


Jolly Hotdog Classic. Another something I ordered. Yeah, I know, I eat a lot... but this is one of my favorite Jollibee foods, and I just wanted to eat it. Of course, I didn't eat it after eating my burger steak, I ate it after two hours, while watching television.

This delivery was made last January. We still haven't had any deliveries from Jollibee since that time, but I sure hope sometime next month we could phone in again so I can eat their spaghetti. :)

*** Jenn ***

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