Wednesday, March 30, 2011

K - KFC Hot and Crispy

KFC Hot and Crispy


In college, I had this personal quest of finding the best tasting fried chicken. I wasn't able to finish that because my allowance wouldn't allow me to go on food trips, but among the fried chicken I have tasted, the one that stood out was the KFC Hot and Crispy. I love the balance of all flavors, and I love that it was so spicy addicting. :) I try different KFC foods whenever I have the chance, but on most days, I always go for this... with coleslaw on the side. I love the coleslaw mellows the spiciness.

This 2-piece chicken meal was something I ordered when sister and I tried out the KFC Delivery. We were ecstatic when someone from KFC taped their delivery flyer on our gate, and we were quite amazed that the KFC branch in SM Fairview will be the one delivering, we were shocked a bit because some food shops in SM Fairview thinks our place was already out of delivery range.

Anyway, the delivery took so long, but it was something we already expected. When I was still working at a company in Makati City, Sundays are considered delivery days, and whenever we go for KFC, they would always deliver a bit late even if the nearest branch was quite near. For this delivery, the branch called us 15 minutes after I phoned in my order, just to say that it will take them a bit longer because they only had one delivery man and he just got back in the store. Well, we did appreciate them calling us to apologize, and we understood the situation, but of course our tummies were already on strike when the delivery man arrived.

But of course, eating with empty tummies just made the meal much, much, better... like everything was so delicious! Well, up to this date, I still consider KFC Hot and Crispy as one of my favorites, and echoing the KFC slogan, it was just finger lickin' good!

*** Jenn ***

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