Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Eating - Lechon Manok

Good morning foodies! My brother has asked me if I could make a scheduled post for Weekend Eating so the linky will be up by 12:01am of Monday instead of doing it by the time I wake up Monday morning. Thinking about it, I realized he did have a point, so the linky for Weekend Eating will now be up as soon as Monday comes. :)

My weekend was a bit of a lax... I basically just stayed home, but Saturday morning, I did wake up real early (4:30am) to help prepare mom's packed lunch. She attended a gathering and has asked me too cook Pork Bistek, rice, and some breakfast (hotdogs and daing na bangus). I am not used to waking up that early, but I felt so fulfilled having to finish all the kitchen chores just in time.

It's Monday now, time once again to showcase something we had from the weekend. If you're new to the meme, here are the Obvious Rules:
  • Post images of a food you ate during the past weekend (Friday included). Please use only images that are your own, or you have permission to use.
  • Do include the code of the badge (choose one of the two):

    {Big, big thanks to Willa of The Blogging Traveller
    for making this oh-so-cute square badge.}

  • Leave your link below once you're done making the post.
  • Visit other participants' blogs and leave a comment love, too.

My share this week:

Lechon Manok

When mom sent us a text message Sunday morning telling she won't be eating lunch at home anymore because they would pass by KFC after the gathering (it was a two-day event), it made brother hope to eat chicken and has whispered to sister that he wanted to eat lechon manok. He made a trip near the market place, and this was something we had for dinner, along with the corn-corned beef chowder sister cooked for her dinner.

The chicken was small, it wasn't really tasty, and the innermost part of the breast area was still pink. When I asked where brother bought it, he just said one of the lechon stalls outside, and when mom asked, "no name?" brother answered, "oh there is - 160 whole." Hahahaha. That's actually the price of the chicken. Quite pricey, eh? There used to be a roasted chicken store near the market (Botoy's), but it is now closed. Hmmm... I missed eating Botoy's lechon manok. It was actually good.

How about you? What did you have last weekend?

*** Jenn ***

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