Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Eating - Vigan Empanada

Hello Foodies! How was your weekend? Mine was bittersweet - but more on the sweet side as I was able to do lots and visited quite a few places, not to mention visiting daddy's grave remembering his 4th death anniversary last Saturday.

Yesterday, sister and I were supposed to travel to Abra, but since it was a new place, some of our relatives were asking us to reconsider it, and thinking there were too many negative vibes about the trip, I decided it was best to cancel it, afterall, with an injured foot and heavy bags, I might not be able to protect my sister in case something bad happens. We decided to travel to Vigan instead, and my post for Weekend Eating meme will come from that trip.

If you're new to the meme, here are the Obvious Rules:
  • Post images of a food you ate during the past weekend (Friday included). Please use only images that are your own.
  • Do include the code of the badge:

  • Leave your link below once you're done making the post.

My share this week:

Evelyn's Empanada and Okoy

Going to Vigan, my sister and I didn't have much budget anymore - blaming the impulsive binge we did while in Baguio two days before. Still, my sister missed eating Vigan Empanada, and after a tiring hike to the bell tower of Bantay Church and a stroll along Calle Crisologo, we decided to go to the Vigan Empanadaan for some snacks. There were about five or six stalls in the area selling empanada and okoy, but we found an empty table near the Evelyn's stall, so it was where we bought our snacks.

Vigan Empanada

Initially, sister went for the Special Empanada (p30 / usd0.69), which had an egg yolk, bits of Vigan longganisa aside from the vegetable filling, and I went for two Regular Empanada (p5 / usd0.11), which only had vegetable filling. I think I have already tasted the different empanadas offered by the other stalls, and I would say this was the best I have tasted. The crust they used tasted so good - it was like eating corn chips!

We were halfway done with our food when some people took a seat at our table, which pissed my sister a bit because it made her feel she had to rush with her food just so the other people could eat, too. She understood that it was a hectic time, but people trying to secure the table by sitting and watching us eat didn't make her feel good so she asked if I still wanted to eat. At that time I only had less than 100 pesos in my wallet (taking aside the bus fare from Vigan to Cubao), so I told her I still had to eat dinner... and she said the next round's on her and she asked what I wanted to eat. I wanted to eat Okoy, but I did love the empanada crust, so I went for a Special Empanada instead. She, too, had another round of the Special Empanada, and as soon as the next round of foods were served, the other people just left with some negative comments. Hmmmm.... why would they be angry if we wanted another round of foods? We were there first, right? Oh well...

Empanada Smile

Sister had a great smile after that... and we went to continue eating after we finished that round of empanada.

*** Jenn ***

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