Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Reflects the Way You Live."

"Reflects the way you live."

This wasn't my first choice of food picture to share... but as I search for Chinese Food Quotes, I came across this quote by Confucius and decided to search for this picture. I know, this wasn't a good picture, but I decided to share this because this week is somewhat nostalgic and sentimental (if I may say that), and I just want to give my respects to the best man in my life - my dad.

My mom may be a graduate of Home Economics, but it was my dad (a Commerce graduate) who taught me how to cook certain dishes and how to prepare the ingredients because late grandparents used to own a carinderia at the public market, and late grandpa was a well known cook in the area. My dad never gave me "one-on-one" lessons, rather, when I attempted to cook, he would just give pointers and trust that I would learn from his words. One of those dishes was the Bistek, and he would always tell me to cut the meat against the grain, so it would be easier for eat.

Somehow, I could associate this quote with my father. Although he didn't follow his dreams of becoming a soldier because grandpa didn't want him to, but still my dad had his own mind and he would always follow his instinct. Life threw him some lemons - at age 7 he had to sell ice drops to earn money... he had to sleep in a wooden bench, he had to take a bath in the pig sty (I am not kidding), and despite being a promdi, he went to study college in UST working as a janitor in day time (his classes were at night). For someone who has experienced hardships (well, the whole family did), yet he was able to cut against the grain, make his own path, and gave us (his kids) the best life we could have. We weren't rich, but I could also say we weren't poor. If only I could be just like him. :)

This Saturday is my dad's 4th death anniversary (reason why my sis and I are still here in La Union), and I offer him this pork bistek.

This pork bistek didn't look good, I know... but when I packed this for mom's lunch, she told me it tasted real good. It lacked some sauce, but mom said she was proud sharing the dish with her office mates. Yes, I do have the best parents in the whole world.

*** Jenn ***

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