Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I - Ilocos Chichacorn

Another 2-in-1 post for me today. :)

Ilocos Chichacorn


I already talked about this food in one of my older posts, but sister bought some packs when we went to Vigan last 06 March, so I took some time taking new pictures.

Like what I have said in my other post, what makes Ilocos Chichacorn different from the other cornick (crunchy corn kernels) is that the kernels are puffed, making it a little easier to chew. The chichacorn is now a very well known product from the Ilocos Region... lots of small business making it now, but of all the chichacorn available, my heart only goes out to one - the one with the name "Ilocos Chichacorn" in the pack. It's available in different flavors: Garlic, Cheese, Sweet and Spicy, Adobo, and Barbecue... but my favorite is the classic Garlic flavor, which is the flavor of the chichacorn in this picture.

Checking the Nutrition Facts, a half cup of this (30 grams) has about 140 calories (60 of which comes from fat), saturated fat is 6 grams, and sodium is about 600 grams. Quite high on the sodium, but seriously, I could eat a pack of 250 grams of this in one sitting, and I am not kidding. Well, I would shake off the salt (making me feel a little less guilty) because it is quite salty, but I guess the texture of the corn kernels are just so good I couldn't stop myself eating this.

Yeah, I do love junk foods. Potato chips, corn chips... even street foods, I just love it. Well, I do try my best to stay away from it (I am still patting my shoulder for not opening the bag of Lay's potato chips) because I fear having kidney and heart problems resulting from eating sodium-packed foods, but for now, I just indulged myself in eating Ilocos Chichacorn. Good thing sister just bought three packs of it - one of which was for her. I have already eaten the pack of garlic chichacorn, right now, I am eating the adobo flavor, but I didn't find it that delicious so I only eat a few kernel here and there.

*** Jenn ***

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