Saturday, March 26, 2011

Foodie 365 - Week 12

I have to post this before I cook lunch because the girls (mom and sis) and I will go to the salon, so here are the foods for Week 12.

78. Sister's Kaldereta

Foodie 365 > 78/365 - Sister's Caldereta
19 March 2011
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Sister said she learned how to cook Beef Caldereta from school (without having to use pre-made sauce mix) so I let her cook tonight's dinner. It lacked sauce (well, it was okay, but I am a person who loves a whole lot of sauce), but it was delicious!

79. Siomai Mami

Foodie 365 > 79/365 - Siomai Mami
20 March 2011
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Something brother cooked for lunch. Very simple, yet very comforting!

80. Dinner at Bulalo Fiesta

Foodie 365 > 80/365 - Dinner at Bulalo Fiesta
21 March 2011
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We were invited to a dinner/feast at Bulalo Fiesta because today my cousin Joyce graduated from college. Aunt Mary reserved a table and pre-ordered foods that include: Crispy Pata, Caldereta, Bulalo (in two variants), Pancit, and Dinuguan. It was a gastronomic feast!
81. Creamy Beef and Brocolli

Foodie 365 > 81/365 - Creamy Beef with Broccoli
22 March 2011
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This day our electricity was disconnected. It was a very long story to share (and no, it's NOT because we didn't have money to pay for it), but anyway, dinnertime came and the only source of light came from the candles. It was a good dinner, but of course the whole family was agitated about the whole situation. Electricity was reconnected about 10PM.

82. Alukon Dinengdeng

Foodie 365 > 82/365 - Alukon Dinengdeng
23 March 2011
{Canon Powershot SX130is}

Following the feast and last night's dinner, we decided to eat fish and veggies for this dinner, and I specifically requested Alukon Dinengdeng because it's one of my favorite types of Dinengdeng (vegetables cooked in some broth and fish paste). Brother cooked this dinner, and I just ate a lot! Hooray for Alukon!

83. Binagoongang Baboy

Foodie 365 > 83/365 - Pork Binagoongan
24 March 2011
{Canon Powershot SX130is}

There are quite some ways of cooking this dish, but I love it with some eggplants. Brother knew that already, so when I thought out loud how I wanted to eat Pork Binagoongan, he cooked it for me (I do have a great family).

84. Hawaiian Pizza

Foodie 365 > 84/365 - Hawaiian Pizza by Pizza Hut
25 March 2011
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Cousin Jason (who is staying with since early February) brought home two boxes of pizza tonight. It was a very surprising gesture, but of course the family was thankful about it. I only ate one slice of the Hawaiian Pizza because I love pineapples in my pizza, will just eat the other flavor (Pepperoni) next time.

Okay, my time is up... sister's been bugging me to start preparing for our salon trip, so I am now going to wrap this post. Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

*** Jenn ***

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