Sunday, March 13, 2011

Max's Corner Bakery Goodie Pack

As you may recall, when I attended the Max's Corner Bakery bloggers' night last month, my sister and I took home a goodie pack each, and for this post, I want to talk more about that.

Goodie Pack

Goodie Pack. I was so excited to receive the pack because I still haven't tasted all the foods in it, except for the Caramel Bars, of course.

The family consumed the foods one by one, based on their expiration dates. Let's take a closer look at each of the goodies, shall we?

Caramel Bars

Caramel Bars. Classic Max's Corner Bakery product. I don't have anything else to say about this (other than it is really, really good) because I think we all know how this tasted like, but really... this one's so good. Oh wait, I just said that. Hahahaha. I guess it's just so good that I kept on repeating myself.

{Edit: for foreign readers, the caramel bars are made from flour, white and brown sugar, condensed milk, and is topped with roughly chopped peanuts. Very moist and soft, and quite sweet, too, which makes it a great ending to any meal.}

Lady Finger

Lady Fingers. Very soft compared to the locally known "broas," this one is like eating cake slices and is perfect for tiramisu and refrigerated cake recipes. Unfortunately, as good as it is, I still prefer the crunchy broas.


Macaroons. The dessicated coconut wasn't so coarse, so it's just a joy to eat (no need to worry getting the throat itchy). It wasn't overly sweet, too... so this was my second favorite among the foods in the pack.

Pinipig Polvoron

Polvoron - Pinipig. It has captured the classic taste we Filipinos have come to liked, the pinipig were puffy and crunchy and it had a good balance of sweetness and saltiness. Personally, I can't help but compare it to the one by Goldilocks, and as sad as this may seem be, I would still go for the one in yellow wrappers, but this one's great, too. It's just that... if you are to let me choose between this and the one made by Goldilocks, I'd choose the one by Goldilocks.

Cookies and Cream Polvoron

Polvoron - Cookies and Cream. This, I like a lot! One could definitely taste the goodness of cookies and cream, but the taste of polvoron was still there.

Choco Coated Polvoron

Polvoron - Choco Coated. It's typically pinipig polvoron coated with milk chocolate. The chocolate wasn't sweet, but I didn't like the addition of chocolate to the polvoron. My brother loves it, and maybe it's just because I am not a big fan of chocolate (at times I like chocolate, at times I don't) that is why I am saying this.

Pardon the not-so-good picture, the pack only had six pieces (compared to the other two flavors with 8 pieces each in the pack), and as soon as I cut a piece into half and some of polvoron bits fell off, I knew I had to live up with it because I can't open another pack, considering I had to eat the unwrapped piece (obviously, I can't just wrap it again and pretend I didn't touch it, can I?)

Foodie 365 > 69/365

Lengua de Gato. I will put this in one sentence: The best lengua de gato I have ever tasted. (period, end of.)

There were only seven products in this post compared to the eight in the very first picture... the last one was the "food for the gods," which was so delicious I tried my best not to consume it all so quickly. I have taken pictures of it, but for some reason, I cannot find it in my files and my camera's memory card has already been wiped out when I took my vacation late last month. Anyway, the only negative comment I can give is that it was too thin (I sure hope they would just make it into bars (that kinda looks like the caramel bars) because opening the wrapper and seeing that it was too thin was a bit discouraging. Remember, we eat with our eyes first, and at first glance it doesn't look all that appealing, but of course, when one takes the first bite, it just wipes out the initial negative feeling. What I love was that, even if the slices were too thin, it somehow can accommodate big chunks of walnuts.

Since the goodie packs were given to us, I don't know how much each cost like, I have yet to visit the nearest Max's Corner Bakery before I could update the prices.

Big thanks to Max's Corner Bakery for the goodie packs!

*** Jenn ***

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