Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Karate Kid Karatepid Meals

I am not much into Japanese food, but certain dishes I love and my favorite is the Ebi Tempura. When we went to the mall after visiting the MV Logos Hope early this month, I was handed this coupon by a Karate Kid staff. It occurs to me then that of the "old" (meaning has been there for many years) food establishments in SM Fairview, we still haven't tasted their food. Seeing that the food were quite inexpensive, I asked my companions if we could try it.


List of food on "sale" are:
  • Gyoza (5 pieces) - p69, you save p6
  • Japanese Wrap and Roll - p89, you save p10. Flavors to choose from: Kani Mango and Cheesy Tori
  • Ebi Fry with Rice - p89, you save p10
  • Fish Katsu - p89, you save p10
  • Chicken Burger Combo - p89, you save p10
  • Japanese Bolognese Pasta - p89, you save p10
  • Miso with Kani and Corn Soup - p19, you save p6
  • Yakisoba - p59, you save p9
  • Takoyaki (8 pieces) - p59, you save p10
  • California Maki (8 pieces) - p69, you save p11
  • Crunchy Maki (8 pieces) - p79, you save p10. Flavors to choose from: Tempura Maki, Hawaiian Torikatsu Maki, Ham & Cheese Maki, Spicy Tuna Maki


That day, we tried the Ham & Cheese Crunchy Maki. It was a great snack, but I am not much into wasabi, so I scraped off the wasabi on my share of the maki before I ate it.

With so many great choices and food actually delicious, I sort of wondered why we didn't eat here since then. I am thankful that now we know about this place, it will be our choice the next time the family goes out to eat. I wanna try their ramen and their octopus burger!

Anyway, the Karatepid Meals are available until the end of April, but what I love the most was that the coupons are valid 60 days after the end of the promo, which means, I can still use it until the 30th of June. Affordable Japanese food... now that's what I like!

Tomorrow, I will visit their Trinoma branch and I will eat their Fish Katsu.

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