Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy 5th Year, Yummy Magazine!

Yummy Magazine came into my foodie life a little later, I admit... but since I read my first magazine (thanks to brother), it has become one my favorite culinary magazines.


Yummy Magazine is celebrating their 5th anniversary this month, and what better way to celebrate an anniversary but by a new look!


I love that the pages are clean, yet it somehow look as if it's a digital scrapbook. Images shared in the recipes and articles are just so awesome, I am finding more and more reasons to learn about food photography.

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Aside from the layout, there are new fonts, too! I do love the font they used in the previous issues, but the pen-scribble looking font made the magazine more youthful - maybe Yummy Magazine is also aiming for younger generation to spark their passion for cooking and dining. Of course, the magazine's loyal fans are slightly older (but ever young at heart), so some fonts are quite formal to make sure articles and recipes can be easily read.

There might be changes with how the magazine look, but it still is the same Yummy Magazine we've loved over the years. As Yummy Magazine editor-in-chief Becky Kho said, "It's a new look, yes, but you'll also see that we've upheld the YUMMY approach that has been appealing to you all these years. The recipes are still easy and friendly, the tips plentiful, and the ideas creative and inspiring."

So... what's inside the Yummy Magazine March 2012 issue? Here's a rundown:
> Recipes from Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus, Knorr, Lady's Choice and McCormick.
> Popsicles and Summer Drinks recipes.
> Rice Toppings and Wraps recipes. Yes, school is about to end soon, but these recipes aren't just good for baon, they're also good for everyday cooking - as parents and yayas need to prepare something quick and easy for kids vacationing at home. These are also good for summer picnics (either at the park or at the resort) and for yuppies who would like to save up by bringing their own baon.
> Bottling 101. Things and tips to learn about bottling and some recipes for us to make that can be a good giveaway, gift, and business.


This month, too, Yummy Magazine is featuring two articles about "Food Business." First part of this topic is for people who are planning to put up a food business through three success stories. Other part is not only for those who are planning, but also for people who have already started their food business and would like to know more through the list of literary finds that can provide more knowledge.

The Yummy Magazine March 2012 issue is now available in newstands, magazine and book stores. To get the latest from Yummy Magazine, please click any of these links:

> Yummy.Ph
> Facebook Page
> Twitter page

Looking forward to more and more years with Yummy Magazine!

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