Monday, April 2, 2012

Early Dinner Before the Concert

Hello there, foodies!

Last week was such a hectic week for me because I got the fan mode on. Well, I can't blame myself - I have been a fan for 15 years and I didn't expect for them to come back and perform here in the Philippines, so for that week, I truly immersed myself and enjoyed the experience!

Hanson Shout it Out Tour

It was such a great, fun concert... and very nostalgic, too! Each song performed I couldn't help but sing and dance (and scream, too)... and even if I was at the lowerbox, I truly felt I had the best seat in the house.

Aside from seeing my favorite band perform live last Friday, it was also a wonderful time to see people I got to "meet" in the past because of them. One of the friends I was happy to see was Claire - who started as my penpal in 1999, then we got to meet in person in early 2000s. We've had ups and downs as far as friendship is concerned, but I am happy that she and I are still friends and now.. after 10 or so years, we got to see each other again.

Another friend I was oh so happy to see was my friend Daisy. She and I have been great friends since way back when, we even had lots of crazy experiences as Hanson fans (like hopping each mall from SM Fairview all the way to Alabang Town Center in one day and we were still teenagers that time), and when the band set foot here in 2004, she was the very first person I saw as soon as I stepped out of the taxi. Life happens for all of us and she sort of stopped loving the band, so when I attended a Hanson mall show last Thursday, it was her that I got to see first again! Amazing!

Afternoon of Friday (the day of the concert), she and I met at the Gateway Mall first and decided to eat early dinner because we knew the concert wouldn't start on time and the show might go for two hours. We were saving precious money, so we went at the Food Court and chose to eat at World Chicken.

Chicken with Bacon Rice

Chicken with Mornay Cheese Sauce and Bacon Fried Rice. Daisy's meal. I wasn't able to taste her rice, but she told me she eats here quite a few times because it was good value for money, so I would assume her rice was good.

Chicken with Pasta

Chicken with Mornay Cheese Sauce and Asian Noodles. My meal. The pasta was a bit oily, but it was good. It had a lot of olives, it was seasoned good... and the spice (from the sliced finger chilies) was quite mild. The cheese sauce was a bit salty for me, but even if it's cheese, I didn't have any of that "umay" feeling from eating it. Overall, it was a good meal that I would like to have again if I go to Gateway Mall.

World Chicken offers their meal at p137 - with chicken and one sauce and one side dish. They also offer two side dishes to go with the chicken, but I forgot how much was it.

Different sauces were available for the chicken:
> Mornay Cheese
> Sweet Chili Sauce
> Farm Fresh Mushroom
> Brown Gravy
> Corn and Mushroom
> Teriyaki
> Tarragon
> Ranch BBQ

Different side dishes:
> Bacon Fried Rice
> Asian Noodle
> Potato Salad
> Macaroni Salad
> Mashed Potato
> EspaƱol Rice
> Garlic Rice
> Plain Rice
> Cheese Muffin
> Fried Banana
> Spaghetti Pomodoro
> Fettuccini Al Tono
> Pesto Pasta

One side dish was already good, after all, they put in a lot of it... but should I go for two side dishes next time, I might go for Pesto Pasta and Cheese Muffin. :)

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So... what did you have last weekend? If you're new to the Weekend Eating meme, you can read the rules and get the badge codes HERE. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined last week.

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