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Days 2 and 3 at Mountain Beach Resort

Mountain Beach Resort - Talipanan Beach
Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro
20 - 21 November 2010

Was supposed to do three posts for the foods I ate / tasted while vacationing at Mountain Beach Resort with K, but I realized we only had breakfast on our third day, so I decided to just squeeze all in on one post.

The night before, K and I could hear the music from White Beach. While it would be nice to join in the party, somehow we felt being in a very quiet place allowed us to enjoy the vacation more. We woke up pretty early the next morning - checked the sunrise colors near the beach, and thanked the heavens for a brand new day.



LongSiLog. What I had for breakfast. I wasn't able to take a picture of K's breakfast as he ate it right after it was served... but I did like what I had. Well, the longganisa tasted typical, and even if the egg didn't look good, I appreciated it that they took into consideration my request - to cook the yolk thoroughly. :)

After breakfast, we sought the help of the resort to find us a guide that would take us to Talipanan Falls. While planning this trip, I came across a blog post suggesting tourists trek to the falls, so we definitely put that as part of our itinerary. It was a fun trek that made my Puerto Galera experience very unique, especially that we also interacted with the Mangyan Tribe, whose community we passed by going to the falls.

LUNCH (Day 2)

Chicken in Chili Corn Sauce

Chicken in Chili Corn Sauce. K didn't like to eat lunch, so it was just I who ate that time, but he stayed with me at the dining area - checking football news through the Internet. Since they still don't have beef and seafood, I decided to go for this chicken dish, that really made me hope I knew how to cook it. It's just fried chicken with chili corn sauce... it was spicy, but what caught my interest was how the sauce came together. It was a great dish.

Mango Shake

Mango Shake. The trek made me tired, so another glass of cold drink for me.

Come afternoon, we just checked the sea shore, interacted with the locals and took pictures. An unfortunate thing happened - the tripod where my camera was on tipped over and the lens of my camera caught a lot of wet sand. It was still working, but the crunchy sound made by the sand got me really worried.

DINNER (Day 2)

Chicken in Apple Normandy

Chicken in Apple Normandy. Another choice from the chicken part of the menu; like the one with the chili corn sauce, this proved to be another interesting dish that made me wish I knew how to cook it. The apple added a nice twist of sweetness to the dish, the pepper was just awesome! The sauce... I don't know how they made it syrupy - can't tell if it's cornstarch because the sauce was a little clear, but I am glad I ordered this... and I am hoping somehow I can get the recipe.

Pork Schnitzel, Take 2

Pork Schnitzel. Yeah, K had another serving of the Pork Schnitzel. This had lesser meat and more fries, but he had no problems about it.


Coffee. Something to help calm myself after the heartbreaking turnout of events.

I wasn't happy that night. I tried to keep positive despite what happened to my camera, and I was glad K understood what I was feeling and even asked me to cry if it would help. I didn't... because I still could use my camera. I was just sad.

- * - * - * -

The next day, we fixed our things to get ready to travel again, but we had breakfast first:


American Breakfast

American Breakfast. K's meal. I honestly wouldn't be satisfied with this, but K was already happy with this, he doesn't eat that much rice anyway.


ToSiLog. I went for tocino this time, and I didn't have to tell them about my sunny side up egg - they served me something I appreciated. The yolk wasn't 100% cooked thoroughly, but at least it wasn't runny.

Both breakfast was served with a cup of coffee.. but it was the typical Nescafe coffee in sachets, served with packets of cream and sugar.

We left Mountain Beach Resort around 7am, the tricycle took us to a port somewhere where we took the boat going back to Batangas Pier. From there, we took the bus going back to Manila and headed straight to NAIA Terminal 3 as we have a flight to catch going to our next destination: Iloilo.

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