Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ice Cream at the International Cafe

Last Saturday, my sister and I together with our friend Ria and two of her friends went to Pier 13 to visit MV Logos Hope, which was on Manila shores until yesterday, the 14th of March 2012. For some reason, uploading old pictures on my Facebook page (I am still at 2010, believe it or not) had its good side, because when Ria saw pictures I took from MV Doulos, she asked me when the ship will return to the Philippines. Sadly, MV Doulos is no longer sailing, but about a few weeks ago, as if the universe heard our conversations - a friend of mine based in Cebu City posted pictures inside MV Logos Hope. Checking the pictures, it had the same logo as MV Doulos, and similar look - books for sale to be given to charity. When I checked the website, I learned that the ship will be in Manila, so I quickly told Ria about it and set the date to visit the ship.

International Cafe - MV Logos Hope

We took the time browsing the book store because they do have a lot of books on sale. My companions are all bookworms, and they really had a difficult time choosing which books to purchase. Two hours after, the route took us to the International Cafe, which serves snacks and refreshments to shoppers after a long time shopping.

Pastries and Candies

The serve pastries, popcorn, chocolates, juices, sodas, and coffee. Some were affordable, others were sort of expensive. I personally didn't feel the need to buy anything because we will be eating lunch after this visit anyway, but my companions felt otherwise.

Vanilla-Choco Ice Cream

Sister's Ice Cream

They purchased an ice cream cone at p50. It may seem expensive, but we all felt it was rightfully priced because the ice cream was thick, creamy, and yes.. they do put in a lot of ice cream on that cone. Sadly though, my sister's cone (left image) didn't have as much ice cream as what Camille and Ria (right image) had. Still, they all enjoyed it, and I did, too... as I had a taste of it as well, thanks to dear sister.


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