Thursday, March 22, 2012

Janet's Pares House

This was a very, very old food trip that I had; I didn't have the intention of blogging about this as it wasn't really that nice of a food experience, but since it's now letter J on "ABC Wednesday" and I didn't want to put another "Jollibee" related post, I decided to post this as well.

I have seen Janet's Pares House for a long time, but never really got the chance to eat there, because family doesn't really go to Lagro that much (we would always go straight to the mall), but one time before this food trip, brother took home a box of Janet's puto (rice cake) and us liking the taste prompted us to plan of dining there. That time came when brother needed to go to the clinic and asked if I would like to come with him and have lunch at Janet's Pares House right after.

They do have a big board of menu for people wanting to take out the orders, but for those dining in, they will provide a menu and one staff would approach the table to get the orders.

I like how spacious the place was - but it didn't have airconditioning system (they have electric fans though). We found a table near the window so it wasn't such a big deal for us, though people sitting near the entrance might have to put up with a little air pollution as the place is right next to a busy street where private vehicles as well as public utility vehicles (jeepney and taxi) pass by.

Beef Pares. It may be a "Pares House," but they only have this one on the menu. It was a wee bit sweet for our taste, but brother liked how tender the beef was.

Sizzling Sisig. Back in the days when health isn't that much an issue for me, anything full of cholesterol is something delicious for me - hence the order of Sizzling Sisig. It was tasty, alright... but way too saucy!

Buttered Chicken. Now this got me a little pissed off. I don't know how the Indians do the dish (I knew their version is saucy), but from what I know of - based on what my ex boyfriend told me (they do catering services at times) - that it's steamed chicken then fried in butter. When I saw it on the menu, it made me want to taste it as I usually fry my chicken in vegetable oil... and when it was served I didn't know how to react. First up, it's not butter that's in here but melted margarine (Star Margarine)! Chicken tasted like ordinary chicken soaking in margarine. Yes I did say cholesterol is something I like, but I never really wanted to have this much margarine on my food! Clearly, who would want to use all that melted margarine on their rice? Not only was it a waste of ingredient, it didn't look appetizing as well.

Oh well, it's such a good thing we don't go to Lagro that often...


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