Monday, March 19, 2012

Lunch at Yoshinoya

My Sunday was quite uneventful as I just stayed at home while the rest of the family had their own appointments to do. Last Saturday was a much better day, though... as I was (again) able to spend it with my dear sister. Earlier in the day, we hoped to attend a bloggers' event organized by our cousin Marjorie (at NaiCha somewhere in Congressional Avenue), but for some reason, we couldn't find the location. We hopped to different jeepneys, tried asking people around for directions but we couldn't find it. It was a hot, sunny day and sister told me we should just get back to SM City North EDSA because it was already 1:30pm and we still haven't eaten anything.


First thing we did the soonest time we reached the mall was to find a place to eat. Yoshinoya's a food place "new" to us because they don't have a branch at the mall nearest to our house, so we decided to try it. I am trying my best to save, so I went for their Yoshi Fried Chicken, which cost only p95 and it already came with a glass of drink. I was given three choices for drinks, and I went for the Green Tea. The chicken tasted okay, though the soy sauce was a little overpowering. I loved the rice, though... it was soft and it smelled good.

Sister went for their Pork Tonkatsu Bento - a full meal with meat, rice, veggies, dessert and drink. It was a little expensive at nearly p200, but sister was quite hungry that time and felt the need to splurge on food, hence this choice. I was a little disappointed with the Tonkatsu... the breading was a little too thick and the pork was way too thin. If you can take a closer look on the image... the thin line on the tonkatsu was the pork. Sister regretted this choice, saying we should've dined at Tokyo Tokyo, but I told her at least we were able to taste something new.

After this lunch, we roamed around the mall, then we went to Gong Cha for some milk tea (check her post about this milk tea drink trip) before we parted ways - I went to watch "The Lorax" at the IMAX Theater (thanks to USAID) and she went to her workplace to attend a meeting.

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So... what did you have last weekend? If you're new to the Weekend Eating meme, you can read the rules and get the badge codes HERE. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined last week.

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