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What We Ate at the Best Food Forward 2

Hello foodie friends!

It was last year when I learned about the Best Food Forward event, but I wasn't able to attend it due to some circumstances. This year, when they announced that another event was coming up, I told myself I won't miss it, and thankfully I didn't. I personally had to thank Nuffnang Philippines, too, because through them I was able to get free tickets for the event.

It was scheduled last Saturday and Sunday, but because of some reasons, I went to the NBC Tent in Bonifacio Global City (Taguig) yesterday with my two favorite food buddies: my sister and my friend Ria.

Best Food Forward 2

We arrived at the venue around 10:30am, and we were in awe at just how much concessionaires where there showcasing their products. Some booths allowed free tasting of their food - which was a good move as people are often skeptic in buying from a not-so-familiar merchant, and we still haven't covered half of the venue and we were already a little full from the free food sampling! :)

Around 12 noon, we decided to choose where to buy our lunch. I have had quite a lot of food trips with these two pretty ladies, so we already knew how to do it: we each choose what we want to buy and share it so everyone can taste different food. Our choices:

Ria's Food

Ria's Meal -

All-Meat Panzarotti by Mama Lou's. All of us wanted to eat pizza that day, but when we stopped by Mama Lou's and tasted their Panzarotti, we all fell in love with it. It's basically calzone with a choice of dip - Ria chose blue cheese. Underneath that arugula leaves were alfalfa, which completed the meal.

Green Tea Shake by Roots & Herbs . As for the drink, Roots & Herbs were actually selling the powder form of the tea (they also sell coffee), but they have this dispenser of ready made iced green tea drink for sampling, and for that day they were also selling the Green Tea Frappe - green tea drink with whipped cream. Ria loved the taste of the drink and ordered for a cup, but asked for them to omit the whipped cream as she would like her drink as healthy as possible. Ria was expecting for them to just get some drink at the dispenser, but people at the booth were so nice, they opened a new pack of the drink so that it will be super fresh. Since Ria didn't want the whipped cream, they blended some of the drink with ice to make it a little more special than just having the drink. Very nice!

Sis' Food

Jessie's Meal

Classic Wagyu Burger by Malcom's. My sister loves Angus more than Wagyu, but Malcom's the only one serving burgers at the event, so she decided to go for it, afterall it was only p120 pesos. I personally loved the taste of the patty. It was clearly different from the typical burger patties... and it was so great to see the patty's slightly much bigger than the bun. Two thumbs up!

Original GF with Meat by Eat My GF (Eat My Garlic Fries). I am not sure what made it really "garlicky," but I did see some toasted garlic bits at the bottom of the container, but the fries taste a lot like garlic, too, so I am thinking maybe it had garlic powder as well. Anyway, the fries at the top of the pack were crispy and slightly grease-less, but the ones at the bottom were a little oily. Tastewise, it was indeed much better than the ones we usually eat from the fast food joints, and because I love the taste of garlic, I surely loved this (except for the oily ones). :)

Royal Milk Tea by Bubble Tea (not pictured). Sister was still buying her drink when I took the picture above, so I wasn't able to include the image of her drink. Well... I only had a sip of her drink, so I can't tell if I liked it or not.

My Food

My Meal

Roast Beef with Mushroom Sauce Rice Bowl by Bonanza Roasted Calf of Feast of Flavors. The beef itself was awesome. It was so tender, so juicy, so flavorful. What I didn't like was the mushroom sauce - it tasted like the store bought mushroom soup powder turned into soup (or thick gravy).

Thai Cha Yen. They had a few choices for drinks, but I went for their basic drink, just so I could taste what Thai Milk Tea was like. It was a little milkier than the last few milk teas I tasted, but it still had the taste of tea.

Sis and Ria

My food buddies - Jessie and Ria. I just love doing food trips with them!

We stayed at the NBC Tent until 3pm. Before we went home, we bought some mini cupcakes and dumplings to take home. Sadly though... I forgot to buy myself a pack of the Yellow Corn Nachos! Hmpt.

- * - * - * -

So... what did you have last weekend? If you're new to the Weekend Eating meme, you can read the rules and get the badge codes HERE. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined last week.

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