Thursday, October 10, 2013

Share Tea {Boracay}

I just realized I still haven't shared all the food trip stories from Boracay, so might as well continue before I go back to the book I am reading.

Share Tea - Boracay

What a gloomy time to travel to Boracay! We were blessed to have two hours of sunshine, which allowed us to enjoy the not-so-clear beach water, but as soon as lunch time came the rains just kept pouring. The Tides Boracay allows visitors to stay inside the guests' rooms until 10pm, so I decided to stay with mom and sis that afternoon - watching TV and share stories as well as taking pictures.

Time passed so quick that weekend. Next thing we know it was already 4pm and mom suggested we go out to check the shops and eat snacks. I wanted to try the crepe place, but it was still raining and the kiosk didn't have umbrellas to cover their tables, so we went to sister's choice of snacks - Milk Tea.

The walls, menu, and cups say that Share Tea is Number 1 in Taipei, and for a moment we felt as if we were in Taipei or any Chinese-speaking place because we were the only Filipinos (apart from the store's staff) enjoying the drinks.

Share Tea - Boracay

Milk Tea shops may specialize in milk teas (obviously), but I  always go for the Yakult drinks whenever I visit a milk tea shop. They offer Passionfruit Yakult, but I chose the Grapefruit Yakult (with nata de coco) instead, just to try something new. I loved it! It tasted like real grapefruit - tangy with a hint of bitter taste, but leaves a sweet taste on the taste buds.

Sister obviously went for the Wintermelon Milk Tea (with tapioca pearls), which she enjoyed, too, but she has tasted so many Wintermelon Milk Tea already, so this tasted typical for her already.

Mom chose the Mango Milk Tea (with nata de coco). It was a very interesting combination, but it worked well.

We were very surprised at how much we enjoyed the drinks. All were refreshing and great tasting, definitely worth every peso paid.

Share Tea
Unit 116, Phase 4
D’Mall Station 2, Boracay
+63 (036)260-2397

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