Thursday, October 17, 2013

Manang's Chicken to Open at SM Fairview Soon

My sister and I just love Manang's Chicken! We do have different preferences - I love to eat my Manang's Chicken hot off the kitchen, while my sister loves to wait for hours so the chicken meat would absorb the sauce. We find ourselves craving for it every now and then, but even if the nearest branch to us is the one at the Wilcon City Center, we usually dine at either SM City North EDSA or Glorietta branches because those were the most accessible.

One weekend afternoon, my sister and I food tripped at their Glorietta branch and we had:


Manang's Fish Fillet Meal.
My meal. I wanted to try this as soon as I saw it on their menu, but it was just this moment that I finally tried it out. I love battered fish, but I usually pair it with aioli or coleslaw, so tasting this with the Manang's Chicken sauce was a great revelation. I loved the sweet-salty-spicy blend and it really went well with the soft, flaky fish and its lightly crunchy covering. Just like the sauces for the chicken, diners can opt to go with their choice of sauce - original, mild spicy, and extra spicy.

Manang's Chicken

Manang's Chicken Cut Meal.
One thing we loved about Manang's Chicken, the flavors seeped through its meat, unlike the others we tasted that tasted bland on in the inside. The amount of sauce was enough... but should you want more, you can just avail for extra sauce. As for us, we buy several little cups of sauce to take home, so we could still have a taste of Manang's Chicken.


Cheezy Spaghetti.
Something sister and I shared. Their spaghetti won't win any awards, sure... but there is just something about their spaghetti that makes sister and I crave for it. This is marketed for the kids so it was a little on the sweet side, but instead of adding grated cheese, they added cheese sauce. Sister said it felt like eating spaghetti when we were kids... kinda like having a flashback of the past, which is maybe why we love it a lot.

Potato Chips

Manang's Chips and Dips.
Another favorite at Manang's Chicken. This was the large size, which came with one dip of choice (we ordered another dip because we loved mixing the two dips together). Aside from this and the regular sized one, they also sell this by tubs (small and big). One trivia... we love this so much that we actually ordered two tubs of their chips as part of our media noche - the family shared the big tub, the small tub we gave to our neighbor so they could taste it, too.

It's been a while since we last dined at Manang's Chicken, so when I received news that they are opening a branch at SM City Fairview, we were very happy. No word yet as to exactly when it will open, but they are targeting the month of November. As soon as it opens, the girls and I will definitely visit and binge (mommy loves their Crispy Pancit, by the way), and of course share the experience here on the blog.

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