Friday, October 4, 2013

Foodtrip Flashback | Bulalo Fiesta (Regalado)

Bulalo Fiesta - Regalado
Bulalo Fiesta - Regalado

The day cousin Joyce graduated from college, we had a family gathering to celebrate a big moment of her life at the Regalado branch of Bulalo Fiesta.

We had:


Fish Kilawin

Pancit Sotanghon Pancit Canton

Pancit Sotanghon and Pancit Canton




Beef Kaldereta



Crispy Pata + Bulalo

Crispy Pata and Bulalo Sinigang


Classic Bulalo

I know... the images looked horrible. I want to apologize for that, because the hut only had one main light that was not enough for my camera to capture decent images. I couldn't turn the camera's flash on because the light would flood the food. Also, I had to capture images as fast as I could because there were a lot of diners for this feast and they weren't the type who would take pictures before they eat it, I got a little shy in asking them to hold their appetite for a while. What I just did was to capture one image of the food as it arrived and just hope it would come out okay.

This wasn't the first time our family dined at Bulalo Fiesta, so no need to "review" the place as we liked it the first time we dined there (though at a different branch) and nothing has changed. Everything tasted great, although the Chopseuy wasn't the kind that I personally prefer - I like my Chopseuy on the light colored side. The Crispy Pata was heavenly! It was very crispy and very flavorful, and between the two Bulalo dishes, I liked the Sinigang more. Sour broth and bone marrow.... wow.

It was a feast to remember. Relatives exchanged lots of stories and lots of laughs... too bad cousin Jayson wasn't there as well as Uncle Pete's family.

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