Friday, October 11, 2013

Golden Cowrie Restaurant {Boracay}

Golden Cowrie Restaurant - Boracay

For dinner, mom wanted prawns or shrimps. Knowing that the seafood capital of the Philippines (Roxas City) is just a few hours away from Boracay, we knew seafood sold here would be just as good. We walked along the shoreline from Station 2 to Station 3, checking every restaurant's menu. When we passed by Golden Cowrie Restaurant, the staff told us they serve prawns and shrimps, but at the moment they only had baby shrimps. We walked further along, contemplated on considering the eat-all-you-can buffet, but computing the costs, we went back to Golden Cowrie Restaurant.

Baby Shrimps in Garlic

Garlic Shrimps
We were told beforehand that these were super small shrimps, but we were quite surprised to see how small the shrimps really are! What's even more surprising was that it was very, very, good! It was fried, and even if there were a few slices of garlic, each of the shrimps were packed with garlic flavor... as if the shrimps were fried in garlic infused oil. It was quite addicting, but it was a challenge to chew on the head part.

Baked Scallops

Baked Scallops
Another dish mom chose. Just like the shrimps, this was another oh-so-good dish. Look at how much parmesan cheese they placed on the scallops!

Grilled Squid

Grilled Squid
Sister's chosen dish. At first she wanted to eat beef, but in the end she went for the squid. Grilling is not my choice of way to cook squid, but my gosh, this was just amazing! I guess this restaurant have served so many grilled squids that they already perfected the way to cook it. The meat had the right texture, the stuffing was tasty, and it was seasoned well that we didn't feel the need to fix our own mix of condiments anymore.

I ordered a bowl of Bulalo Soup to compliment the dry dishes (which I forgot to take a picture of). It was a big bowl of soup with veggies and corn - kinda like ordering Bulalo minus the beef.

Golden Cowrie Restaurant - Boracay

Golden Cowrie Restaurant offers rice-all-you-can and we had a feast! There was also a performer singing folk songs, and when he sang "Homeward Bound," everybody in the restaurant (who knew the song, of course) started singing. Somehow the song gave us a bittersweet feeling because the next day, we were set to leave Boracay.

Golden Cowrie Restaurant
Uptown Hotel, Station 2 - Boracay
+63 (036)288-2543

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