Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Foodstagram VII

Just six (make that five, because one is a re-post) food pictures taken last week -

Ube Ice Cream
Here at home, ice cream automatically meant ube flavored ice cream. Mom bought a small tub of it without any reason whatsoever, but unfortunately it didn't taste good. It tasted like gelatin, it was overly sweet, and it didn't smell natural as well. Very shocking because it was made by a well known brand. To present this image, I used a recycled bottle.

MMMHops Beer
This is an image originally posted by Taylor Hanson, the front man of my favorite band Hanson. They recently launched their newest product, and of course I can only hope to taste it.

Baking Project
I once received a box of Fudge Brownie Mix from The Maya Kitchen, and because it's expiration date is getting nearer, I didn't want it to go to waste, so I decided to try it out.

My Rocky Road Brownies
Normally, I use the steamer to cook my cakes... but this time I wanted to test the capabilities of our oven toaster. It resulted in a good tasting brownies, but because I wanted to make rocky road brownies, I topped it with marshmallows, chocolate chips, and cashews. I learned that very small marshmallows tend to burn very easily, but despite the slight burn, it added a dimension in taste.

Apple and Mint Infused Water
My current flavored water.

Lunch at Goldilocks
I ordered this particular meal because of the picture shown on the poster... but I was upset at what the dining staff served me.


This week at Monday Listicles, it's all about 10 Foods that Remind Me of... and because it's food related, I would like to post my answers here on my food blog, of course!

A very long introduction first. My parents didn't ask for any financial help when they got married, so welcoming their first born eleven months after their wedding, and another child (that's me) a year and a half after their first bundle joy was born, it was a little too much to handle especially when it comes to expenses. Both my parents work, but their salaries aren't really that high, so brother and I grew up not being able to taste lavish food. We never experienced being hungry (hello, I am a fat since I was a kid), but the only times we could taste expensive food were during our birthdays, Christmas, and New Year's Day. There was a feeling of deprivation - we would get jealous at our friends who could eat chocolates or lechon or bacon... but our parents taught us the value of simple living and to appreciate the goodness of life. As what a famous hunny bear said, "The smallest things take up the most room in the heart."

Here are the ten food items that remind me of my late father.

  1. Jelly Cups - When I first started schooling, my parents enrolled me at a school near to their office, so mom would just pick me up after my classes and let me stay with her at work during the entire day. Since both of them were working at the same branch, my father would often come to take me during his break and he would take me to the nearby grocery, allowing me to choose whatever I want. I always end up buying the jelly cups.
  2. Fibisco Jolly Cookies - One time in my life, I experience how it was to be an only child, when my parents decided to let Aunt Zorayda take care of my brother (because like I said, my brother is only a year and a half older than I am and the expenses were a little too much for them to handle). When we moved here in Caloocan City in 1985, dad took the afternoon shift (4pm - 12mn) so he could stay with me during daytime, let me stay at the neighbor's house by 2pm, while waiting for mom to come home. Everyday, he would give me a pack of Jolly Cookies for my snacks, just so I won't get scared staying with the neighbors.
  3. Pizza Hut Hawaiian Pizza - My brother returned home when he started Elementary school. When we were about 9, 10 years old, dad's youngest sibling enrolled us to the Pizza Hut Kiddie Club, and one of the perks was having a free personal size pizza when the member celebrated his/her birthday. When brother received his free pizza card, us three went to Pizza Hut Branch in Cubao to claim it. My brother owns the personal size pizza, so dad ordered a regular sized one for us to share. It was my very first taste of pizza - and because there was this feeling of deprivation, the hungry child in me just wanted to eat it all. Well, I'm sure all of could relate to this scenario... a kid entering a candy shop, be sure that the kid would shove as much candies into his mouth. Anyway, the regular pizza was cut into six... Dad let us eat 2 slices each, he ate one for himself... and when he called in the waiter to say he would like to have the remaining slice of pizza to be wrapped for us to take home to mom, dad specifically whispered to the waiter, "boss, please wrap this last piece because the kids could no longer eat it, they're full." That kid in the candy store (aka - me) heard it and blurted, "I am not full... I can still eat it!" Well of course my dad apologized to the waiter and let me eat the last piece. Why do I know this story? My dad would always tell this story to everyone to tease me, that every time there's remaining food on the table, my dad would always use my own words, "Daddy, kaya ko pa!" :D
  4. Magnolia Chocolait in 1 Liter Bottles - Some of my parents' co-workers have sidelines, selling different kind of food stuff - Coco Jam, Quekiam, Peanuts, and the Magnolia milk products. Every Friday, as a reward for being good at school, I was rewarded with my choice of food... and Milk Chocolate drink was always my choice.
  5. Whistlestop Clubhouse - Dad transferred to the Makati branch of the company he worked for, and because he would still work during Saturdays to earn more money (as we welcomed sister when I turned 8 years old), he would sometimes come home with the clubhouse sandwich for us to share. 
  6. Ice Cream Cake at Dates & Nuts - Very seldom would dad take any of us to his work, but he would try to date each of us his kids despite his very busy and demanding schedule. Makati City is too far from our home, so when he took me to his work, we left the house at 5am, and by 7am, we were already at the office. A few minutes after we arrived, he asked me to come with him and he took me to this pastry shop that sells ice cream cakes. He allowed me to choose whatever I wanted, and even if I already forgot my chosen flavor, sharing ice cream cake that early would always be a memory of my father I would never forget.
  7. Spaghetti at Red Ribbon Bakeshop - One project we had during college was to create a copy of a book so that the college's mini library would have a copy of it. Our chosen book was housed at a library in Makati City, so after my team and I were done with the project, I took my teammates to dad's office asking him to treat us to snacks because we were already famished.
  8. Chowking Lauriat - My dad had an early retirement, and because he started working at age 7, adjusting to domesticated life was difficult for him. Thankful that a mall opened a few kilometers away from where we live, he would often go to the mall (at least once a week) to watch a movie, or do grocery shopping, or eat. Whenever I would ask him where he ate, his response would always be this.
  9. Beef Kare-Kare  - A few months before his death, my dad would always request one of our neighbors to cook a pot of Beef Kare-Kare. One Sunday morning, the neighbor handed the pot of this dish, which the whole family devoured on. My dad loved it so much that he even left some for us to eat for dinner. The next morning, he died. The Kare-Kare turned out to be his last meal wish... so sad.
  10. Chocolates (of any kind) - If my siblings and I had feelings of deprivation, my parents experienced worse than what we were feeling. Both of my parents came from very, very, very poor families and chocolates was the one food item that my late father really loved. This might be a little negative to say, but my father would often hide chocolates from us siblings because maybe he just wanted all the chocolates for himself. When I received my very first paycheck, I bought my dad a chocolate bar and he was touched by the gesture that he actually kept the wrapper and labeled it with the date when I gave it to him. I only got to see the wrapper when he died (he kept it in one of his photo albums, sandwiched between 2 pictures), so when it was time for us to say goodbye to him, I actually put that same chocolate wrapper inside his coffin.

Huh... writing this post was bittersweet. It was great to remember daddy dearest, but this made me miss him so much!

New week, another chance to start anew. This week, it's all about balancing the food intake. One thing to do: eat at least one kind of vegetable everyday.

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