Friday, October 18, 2013

Jollibee is Giving Away 35 Bucket Treats!

Jollibee Chickenjoy + Spaghetti Jollibee Chickenjoy + Palabok

What's your favorite Jollibee treat? Personally, I love their Jolly Hotdog and Burger Steak, but whenever the family would dine at Jollibee, I always find myself ordering the Jolly Chickenjoy + Spaghetti meal. My mom always choose the Jolly Chickenjoy + Palabok meal. I have a lot of fond memories about the Jolly Chickenjoy... back when we were kids, the only time brother and I could taste this was during Christmastime - as this was the usual choice of food during Christmas parties at mom's office. I remember mom would always opt to take home her share of Christmas party food just so we could enjoy it.

From then 'til now Jolly Chickenjoy still satisfies us. Currently, eating at Jollibee has been one of the ways us sibling bond with our dearest mother, because whenever we are out and we are thinking of where to eat, her vote would always go to Jollibee.

Jollibee Bucket Treats

Every week until the 27th of October, Jollibee is giving away Jolly Chickenjoy Bucket Treats (8 pieces of Jolly Chickenjoy, 4 rice, 4 regular drinks, and 4 regular Crisscut Fries) to 35 lucky Jollibee diners. It is open to all interesting participants at least 18 years of age and is currently residing in the Philippines. To qualify, first thing to do is to register for the promo, which can be accessed through the Jollibee website. If you want to join, visit, for the full mechanics.

All of us have a particular fondest Jollibee moment. I'm sure those moments were spent with people dear to us. The Jolly Chickenjoy Bucket Treat is available until the 27th, giving you less than 10 days to join, so go and join now!

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