Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lunch with Momskie and Sisterette

with Momskie

My mother recently filed for permanent membership for PhilHealth and because my sister and I are quite paranoid with mom traveling alone (she worked near our place until she retired last July), so I went with her and sister met us at PhilHealth after her shift. Mom's business was done at 11am, and since we were all out, we decided to do a side trip at SSS where mom submitted documents for her retirement benefits. Everything was done before noon time, and for lunch, we just went to KFC, which is just walking distance from the building.

KFC East Avenue

For lunch, we went for the lunch set - 6 pieces chicken, 3 cups of rice, 3 regular sized fixins, and three cups of drink. Sister and I went for the hot & crispy and original recipe chicken combo while mom went for 2 pieces of original recipe chicken and for the fixins, sister and I both went for the coleslaw while mom opted to go for macaroni salad. Drinks.. all of us had a cup of 7-Up.

I have always loved their hot & crispy chicken because it was really, really, spicy... and it tasted so good with the coleslaw. The original recipe chicken on the other hand was something I am not really fond of because I find it salty, but the one thing that turned me off (slightly) was their gravy. KFC's gravy was the best until they decided to let diners go for unlimited gravy, where everyone used the gravy as sauce for their rice (imagine rice swimming in a pool of gravy), even slurping it like a thick soup. Now, regardless of which branch I visit, the gravy tasted a little burnt and very far from how it tasted back then.

Still, KFC is one of the places my sister and I crave for every now and then. Whenever we are craving for fried chicken, it's either KFC or McDonald's for us.

Cheesified and Baconized

Lately, KFC launched a new food "innovation" called Cheezy Bacon Fest. Choices included Rice Meal, Pasta Bowl, Zinger, Twister, Chick'n Fillet, Mashed Potatoes, and what my sister ordered - a Bucket of Fries... all with cheese sauce and chopped bacon.

My thoughts? I think this one's a little too salty for my liking. KFC's French Fries are good enough as is... actually, I think theirs is one of the tastiest fries out there and smothering it with cheese sauce and bacon is a little too much. My sister enjoyed it because she loves fries and cheese, but as for me, I will just stick with the regular fries and will just try the other cheesified and baconized products... the mashed potato and Zinger sounded good, I might go for that next time.

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