Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The First Time We Used Our Enjoy Philippines Card

As soon as my sister and I decided to use the resort accommodations we won from the Enjoy Philippines Mid-Year party, we immediately consulted our Enjoy Philippines' member's booklet to know where we could use our card and enjoy its perks.

Lemon iCafe - Boracay
Lemon iCafe - Boracay

Some of the food establishments offer discounts, but the Lemon i Cafe was the only place that offered Buy 1 Take 1 on Main Course dishes, something that really got us super excited. On our last meal at Boracay, we went to the Cafe to enjoy their food.

Enjoy Philippines Card + Voucher My Purchase Using Enjoy Philippines Card

First thing we did was to consult the cafe's staff regarding our Enjoy Philippines cards and vouchers. I asked so many questions, which the staff answered graciously. Since both my sister and I are members, we were advised to have separate bills so both of us could use our vouchers. We either choose two dishes with the same price, or choose two differently priced dishes and pay for the one with the higher price. The main course section of their menu wasn't that extensive, so we had to carefully select which dishes to choose.

Lemon and Thyme Roast Chicken with Sauteed Potatoes

Lemon and Thyme Roast Chicken with Sauteed Potatoes
It may just be 1/4 of a chicken, but it was very big for us three to share. The chicken meat was tender, juicy, and very flavorful, even without the glaze. The potatoes were cooked just right and the bell peppers as well as the young corn were crunchy. It had enough vegetables that rice was no longer needed to enjoy the chicken meat.

Tiger Prawns, Grilled and Served with Spinach and Coconut Risotto

Tiger Prawns with Spinach and Coconut Risotto
We might have had shrimps for dinner last night, but my mom still wanted to eat shrimps or prawns, so when we asked her to make a choice among the dishes, this was her only choice. I loved how soft the risotto was, made creamy with the coconut cream. The spinach added a very interesting flavor and texture, but it was also good to eat as is.

Chicken and Pancetta Carbonara

Chicken and Pancetta Carbonara
This was heaven! Although I am not a fan of crispy bacon - or pancetta - I appreciated that it was topped on the bed of pasta and not mixed into the sauce. I also opted for the freshly milled pepper, which made the pasta much better.

Poached Salmon with Penne Tossed in Creamy White Wine Sauce

Poached Salmon with Penne Tossed in Creamy White Wine Sauce
This was another great tasting dish, and the salmon was cooked and seasoned perfectly - such a great pair for the pasta, but I guess even if we carefully planned the dishes to choose, I had a little regret for choosing this one because one creamy pasta after another was a little too much for our tummies to handle - especially for me who cannot really tolerate a big amount of dairy products. The only thing I reminded myself was that this dish had a big chunk of salmon... that even without the pasta, it was already worth our money.

The first two dishes were something sister chose, with the prawns as the more expensive dish compared to the chicken. I chose both pasta dishes, with the salmon having a more expensive price tag.

Lemon Merengue

Lemon Merengue
The Lemon i Cafe is also known for their baked goodies, and we didn't pass the chance to buy one of their pastries. Since the place bears the name "lemon," I chose the Lemon Merengue as our dessert. It might looked burned, but it didn't taste like that, actually, it tasted great. The merengue had a light sweetness that went well with the tangy, tarty lemon filling, that us girls totally raved about. It was a little expensive for 160 pesos, but it was big enough to share and the taste was definitely amazing!

Mocha Caffe

Mocha Coffee
Mom and I opted to go for bottled water, but sister asked for a cup of coffee just to perk her senses. This cup of goodness wasn't only appetizing to the eyes, it's richness and good balance of sweetness and creaminess was also drink-gasmic!

Despite the two free dishes, we still ended up paying more than one thousand pesos, because the prawns dish was already 600 pesos. Although expensive, the servings were good enough for sharing, and the experience wasn't something you can put a price tag on. It may be the second time this year for me to travel to Boracay, but it took me 20 years before my dreams of setting foot in the island came true, so the amount we paid was just fine, considering that we didn't know when to travel to Boracay again.

Lemon i Cafe
D'Mall - Station 2
Boracay Island, Aklan

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