Thursday, October 10, 2013

Moonleaf Tea Shop {Maginhawa QC}

Moonleaf Tea Shop - Maginhawa

My siblings and I received Moonleaf Tea Shop gift certificates that would expire by the end of September. I really thought I would never get to use my GC anymore, but because mom was able to finish submitting documents by lunch time, I asked them if they wanted to use it. Good thing that we were just near the Maginhawa branch.

Moonleaf Tea Shop - Maginhawa
Craft Corner Craft Corner

Just like the many food shops along Maginhawa Street, this one was also a house turned into a shop. Because of its location, many students from schools near the area come here to enjoy their favorite Moonleaf Tea Shop drinks, pastries and choice savory dishes, while doing their school assignments. It was a good place to hang out with friends or enjoy a quiet time to study because not only does this shop have free WiFi access, they also have available electrical sockets for people to charge their laptops and/or phones.

One thing I liked was that aside from the foods and drinks was that this store has a craft corner that sells different stuff - washi tapes, twines, pouches, jewelry, even iPhone cases... all from Hey Kessy.

We just had our lunch so we were just there to enjoy drinks. I took my sister and my mom's order and allowed me to choose other drinks to maximize the amount of our gift certificate.

Moonleaf Tea Shop Drinks
Moonleaf Tea Shop Drinks

With the help of the friendly barista, I was able to get six cups of drinks:

  • Wintermelon Milk Tea with nata de coco
  • Peach Yakult with nata de coco
  • Wintermelon Milk Tea with tapioca pearls
  • Lychee Jasmine with aloe
  • Yogurt Milk Tea with nata de coco
  • Hakka Milk Tea with tapioca pearls
My sister's first choice was the Wintermelon Milk Tea (Oolong based), but it was not available so she just went for the basic Wintermelon Milk Tea, same as mom. My favorite Moonleaf Tea Shop drink is the Passionfruit Yakult, but when I saw the Peach Yakult, I decided to go for it instead. Peach Yakult was sweeter compared to the Passionfruit one, but very very delicious! Sister's next choice was the Hakka Milk Tea and my second choice was the Yogurt Milk Tea, and because I know their drinks cost near or a little over 100 pesos plus the add-on sinkers, so I thought I could only get five cups of drinks, but the barista told me I could still order for one more drink and suggested I try Lychee Jasmine with aloe. I love it when the barista knows which add-on goes well with the drink.

We were still full from lunch, so we only drank one cup of drink each and took home the rest. Supposedly, the Yogurt Milk Tea was something I chose for mom and the Lychee Jasmine would be for me, but when mom checked the chiller, she decided to go for the Lychee Jasmine and loved it a lot! 

If you want to visit this branch, you can take the Teacher's Village tricycle from Philcoa and just ask the driver to drop you off at Moonleaf Tea Shop. Fare cost 25 pesos.

Moonleaf Tea Shop
103 Maginhawa Street
Teacher's Village, Quezon City

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