Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Uraro Cookies

Uraro Cookies (Arrowroot Cookies)

My share for this week is the Uraro Cookies, one of the very famous cookies in the South Luzon region. These cookies are made from Arrowroot (Marantha Arundinacea). I don't exactly know why the cookies are called "Uraro," but checking something about the arrowroot, the plant is also called araru and ararao, so I guess it was somewhat derived from that.

Many years back, the Uraro Cookies I know are shaped like elongated flowers and wrapped in very thin paper (called here as Japanese paper). The cookies were very fragile and crumbles very easily, so when I traveled to Quezon Province (one of the provinces in South Luzon), I was quite surprised seeing the cookies like this. Not only were the cookies shaped differently, it also didn't crumble easy.

I'd say I like the way things changed for this cookie because it was just the appearance that changed. The flavor that we (the Filipinos) all have come to love about this cookie is still there.

*** Jenn ***
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