Tuesday, June 28, 2011

From My Kitchen | Giniling Maskipaps

I have seen the badge of this meme quite sometime ago, but it was just now that I was able to join. I do share recipes every Fridays here on my blog, but there were days when I do cook "normal" foods that don't require recipes, and I think this meme is just perfect to showcase those dishes. Actually, I have decided that if ever I have a lot of recipes to share, then I can share it on Tuesdays, too. :)

167. Giniling Maskipaps

My first share for this meme was something I cooked two weeks ago, which I called "Giniling Maskipaps," maskipaps meaning "maski papaano." Normally, us siblings can just eat anything for lunch - we could open canned goods, or maybe cook pasta with just grated cheese and consider it a good meal already. However, our cousin Jayson stayed here in our house, and although he wasn't really picky when it comes to food, we just couldn't let a meal pass without making a little effort in cooking something for him, too.

On this particular day, we only had ground pork in the freezer. I seriously didn't know what to do with it, so when I saw this one huge potato inside the fridge, I already knew what to do. Giniling with potatoes and tomato sauce is one of our "Ulam 911" here in the house, but since I just cooked the Chicken and Soda Casserole a few days ago, I felt it would not be good to serve another dish with tomato sauce. What I did? I just omitted the tomato sauce and used freshly chopped tomatoes to give it some color and flavor.

From there I just added ingredients. Me seeing chicken hotdogs in the chiller prompted me to slice it and add it to the dish, then when I saw some leftover corn kernels (I opened a can a few days before because I felt hungry), I added a few spoonfuls to the dish, too. Finally, I opened a can of green peas to add more color to the dish. To give it a quite different flavor, I also added a dash of oregano.

No one complained about the dish, and my sister loved it when she paired it with some nacho chips. My maskipaps dish turned out good, and I was happy it did.

*** Jenn ***

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