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Mexicali - SM City Fairview
26 September 2010

It was just mom and I who did the grocery shopping that day, but on our way out of the subdivision, we saw our neighbor Ria who was also about to do some grocery shopping. The three of us went to the mall together, but since there are two supermarkets in SM Fairview and Ria would do her shopping at the Hypermarket, we just told her we should meet after an hour so we could have snacks together.

Mexicali - SM Fairview

Mexicali - SM Fairview

That time, I was very interested in tasting Mexicali's foods. I have always been a fan of Mexican food, but because my siblings aren't into Mexican food, eating here seemed a bit impossible. Since it was just mom and I (plus Ria), I suggested we eat here, and I was happy mom agreed to my suggestion.

I loved the place's interiors. The colors, the embellishments and the furniture are very Mexican - very festive and homey. The place was just small and there weren't that much people, but we decided to sit outside as we had shopping carts.

I first opted to go with their set meals, but I didn't want us to have the same foods, so I let them choose first before I made my own choice. We had:

Pork Burrito

Roast Pork Burrito. Ria's choice. She's allergic to chicken, and she thought beef was a bit expensive, so she just chose the pork. She let mom and I have a taste of it, and yes it was good. Just one bite and I wished I ordered this one, too. :)

Chicken Enchilada

Chicken Enchilada (with rice and salad). Mom's choice. The chicken was so big that it was already good for two people. What can I say, it was delicious, too, and eating it with the salad gave that feeling that I was eating taco minus the shell. The rice was okay, but the grains were quite dry and it was a little heavy on cumin.

Cheese and Garlic Quesadilla

Cheese and Garlic Quesadilla. My mom's enchilada was already p195, so I chose something that was quite on the cheaper side. There were a lot of flavors, but I just went for the very basic because I wanted to taste the cheese more. I loved the three sauces included (the red one is salsa, the white one is garlic sauce, the green one I think is jalapeno), but I preferred mixing the green and the white one together.

Chili con Carne

Chili con Carne (cup). One of the very first Mexican foods I learned about was the chili con carne, but I still haven't tasted it because the family wasn't big on beans. Seeing they offer this in individual cups, I went to order one with all the toppings - chopped onions, sour cream, and grated cheese (you can opt to take out the toppings if you want to). Eating this didn't disappoint me - it was soo good and comforting.

I was a bit hesitant mom might not like the foods because she's not into spices and she prefers to eat foods she is used to eat, but hearing her raves about the food made me feel I made the right suggestion for us to eat here.

Right now, the Mexicali at SM Fairview is already closed. I went to check their website and it's not operational anymore... making me think - are there no more Mexicali stores? If that is so, then it was a sad thing to know.

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