Monday, June 13, 2011

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This week's question at BC Bloggers:

"Where do you host your blog?"

It was in 2008 when I started owning a domain. Back then, it was for my old travel blog (Jenn Was Here), and with the help of my friend Laarni, I was able to switch from Blogger to Wordpress, and although I did buy the domain, I used 000webhost as the host of the blog since it's free. I was able to use the blog without major problems, although there were occasional days when the blog was inaccessible because of down time or server problems from the host - but totally understandable. I actually was happy about the service since it was for free yet I was able to enjoy blogging, however, there came a time when 000webhost had a major change in the system and sadly my blog got affected. It became totally inaccessible, and even if I exported the blog successfully, I found out that only the first few posts were saved. I was really devastated. I tried contacting the host and I received a message that they will try to fix and and will come back after 15 days, but no word from them ever since. Well, I did deserve it - I got it for free, so I expected a whole lot of crappiness, but all is okay, change can be good or bad, and for this part I got all the bad side of it.

I have changed my travel blog (Jenn on the Go), but I decided to just buy the domain and have it hosted in Blogger. I have been contemplating of buying another domain for this blog using Wordpress, but one big reason why this blog is still under Blogger is because I felt having blogs for free is more stable. I mean, what if after sometime I can't pay for the domain and the host anymore.... or worse, what if I got into a coma or what if I die and none of my family and friends know what to do? I know paid websites die if the owner wasn't able to pay for it, so if that happens, my purpose of opening a blog to have a part of me immortalized will be defeated.

If ever I decide to turn this blog into a paid domain, I guess I will consider hosting it through Solid Hosting, because it's Philippine based (and their office is quite near our place)...but for now, I am sticking with the free blogs. :)

*** Jenn ***


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