Tuesday, June 7, 2011

10 Gifts I am Thankful About

"What are you grateful for recently?"

That's the question this week on BC Bloggers. The past month has been very great for me, and I realized I still haven't really blogged about the gifts I received, so let this post be the answer to the question above.

As a blogger, I am really thankful that I am receiving invitations to different events. I am more thankful because in the events I attended, organizers are also sending tokens to the attendees and I just want to share the tokens and other things I have received as my may of saying thank you as well. I am also linking this post to Top 10 Tuesdays meme, but instead of counting down from 10 to 1, I will just share gifts in the order that I received them. This is my food blog, so this will concentrate more on the foodie side of things.

Invitation to a Food Blog Event. In a group I belong to, one person asked members to send their particular details if they wanted to join a food blog event he is organizing. I am so thankful that I made the list of the bloggers.

Enderun Notebook

Notebook from Enderun Colleges. When I attended the event at Enderun Colleges, not only did they treat us to awesome French-style foods, they also gave us a notebook each. I love this notebook and I might use this as my Gratitude Book. Oh, I also got to have a name tag from them which is now my luggage tag. :)

Yummy Magazine May 2011

Yummy Magazine from Summit Media. Apart from the tickets I received for the Yummy Eats event, people from Yummy Magazine also gave me a goodie pack with the May 2011 issue of the Yummy Magazine, as well GC for Robinson's. I won't tell how much the GC were, though... but I still have no plans of using it just yet, I am not a shopaholic, so I might give this one to my mom.


Goodies from President Cheese. Apart from the goodies from Summit Media, they also gave me a pack of goodies from President Cheese. Inside the pack were: apron, cap, pen, notepad, post-its, and ref magnet. Before we left the event, we also visited the President booth and gave us (sis and I) a pack of cheese and a Yoplait yogurt. The cheese tasted so good... and the yogurt I haven't eaten yet. The apron I will keep (I am getting amazed seeing I now have quite a lot of aprons from different companies), the cap I will give to brother when he start his culinary studies.

Sarangani Bay Milkfish

Sarangani Bay Milkfish in Corn Oil. These I won from the raffle during the Yummy Eats event. :)

Unilab Thermo Tumbler

Thermo Tumbler from Unilab. My sister and I joined the "Akyat Pinatubo: bloggers' climb for a cause" and during the pre-event briefing, there were two rounds of raffles, and in one round I got to receive this thermo tumbler. I am a person who loves drinking coffee as part of breakfast, so I might give this one to my brother.

GCs from Jollibee. Meeting time for the Mt. Pinatubo trip was around 2:30am, and through Jollibee, each of us received p200 worth of GCs to be used for breakfast. I wasn't that hungry especially that we reached the Jollibee branch for breakfast at around 4:30am, so I just went to buy their Hotdog meal, using p50 of the GC + some cash. Come dinner, we passed by another branch along NLEX and I used the remaining p150 to buy heavier meals.


Swish from Unilab. While traveling back to Manila from the trek, there were raffles (of which I won twice, but that's a different story), and not only did we all win on the first round of raffles, each of us also received one bottle of Swish mouthwash.


Invitation to a Max's Restaurant Event. Sometime ago, I received a text message from Max's Restaurant for their event (won't tell when and where, of course). This one I will attend, of course.

Mochicko Winner! Last week, Mochicko came up with a guessing game, and 5 winners will be selected and will win a pack (6 pieces) of Mochicko's newest flavor. I just joined for the heck of it, and I was so surprised to receive a message from Mochicko saying I was one of the winners! I checked their page and yep, I did win. Awesome!

Apart from the goodie packs, invitations, and prizes... I am really thankful that life is becoming more and more like an adventure.

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