Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's Back: Max's Chicken All You Can Promo

Since you asked for it... they are bringing it back!

Chicken All You Can

Last week, Max's Restaurant asked the people what promo they wanted to have, and I was one of the oh-s0-many fans who were wishing to have their chicken-all-you-can promo back. For my own selfish reasons, it would be because I still haven't taken part of this promo when it was first released in celebration of Max's Restaurant 65th anniversary. This time, I really want to take part of it.

If you're like me who still haven't devoured to as much chicken as your tummy can consume, or if you're one of the many people who wanted to savor the experience once more, you can now mark your calendar because two days from now, Max's Restaurant is going to serve a whole lot of fried chicken again.

You can avail of the "Chicken-All-You-Can" everyday starting June 10 to July 10, 2011 from 6pm - 10pm. For only p199, you can eat as much chicken as you want. The deal already comes with a glass of drink, but you can upgrade your drink to bottomless for additional p28. Well, you might think the chicken and a glass of drink is already enough, but I do recommend you either upgrade your drinks or maybe order a cup of rice because for every p200 spent during the Chicken-All-You-Can promo, Max's Restaurant is going to give back p20 money coupon (some sort of a rebate), which you can use after the duration of the promo (July 11, 2011 onward). The money coupons you can use for any Max's Restaurant food item, including the breads and pastries being sold at their Corner Bakery, something to reward you after the promo. Sweet, eh?

Like I said, I still haven't tried the "Chicken-All-You-Can," but here are some tips I heard and willing to share to you guys:
  • Don't eat snacks anymore. The promo will start at 6pm, so it's best you come a little hungry.
  • Be with your friends and/or family. Just like the quote, "It's the company not that food that makes a meal," this kind of a gastronomic adventure is something you should really experience with your friends and/or family. Come with a little fun food war to see who can eat the most chicken. :)
  • The promo will run for four hours daily, so take your time and don't rush. Have some chitchat with companions in between chicken leg quarters, then eat again.
  • All Max's Restaurant have free WiFi connection, so bring your laptops or your WiFi ready cell phones to help you wind off time in between bites.
  • With everything I said above, this one is the most important: Come early. The promo might start at 6pm, but since many people are clamoring for this promo, you might want to secure a table as early as you can to avoid the line of people.

Sadly, you can't reserve a table as Max's Restaurant wanted to fair to everyone, so taking note of my last tip again, please come early if you want to take part of this event.

So, will your plate be like this?

Chicken Bones

Or like this?

All Piled Up

Well, I sure hope your plate can come close to the second picture, as Max's Restaurant certainly wants us, their fans to really enjoy the fried chicken we all have loved throughout the years. Mark your calendars - June 10 to July 10, 2011 / 6 -10pm on all branches nationwide. Yes, this promo is now open nationwide, so if you're in Manila this weekend then suddenly had a trip to Tuguegarao or Zamboanga a few days after and would like to have some fried chicken fix, you can certainly enjoy Max's Fried Chicken all you can.

For more details about this promo and other things related to Max's Restaurant, you can head on to the Max's Restaurant Website or check their Facebook Fan Page.

Our family might take part of this promo this weekend, see you there!

*** Jenn ***

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