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Sa Max's Restaurant, Salu-Salo Kahit Malayo

A lot of things seemed easier nowadays. Cell phones are abundant and Internet may be accessed nearly anywhere, bridging the communication gap between family members, but there are times when a text message or an e-mail wasn't really enough to feel our loved ones' presence. Parents may not be able to hug their children during special moments in their life, children who's now married and have kids of their own may not be able to attend their parents' anniversary due to certain priorities. It is true, nothing is more precious than being physically there, and I have experienced certain times when I wasn't there for my family:
  • Spending Christmas with the boyfriend and his family (this was many, many years ago, by the way)
  • Not celebrating my family members' birthdays because I was living in La Union that time.

For sure, all of us have our own stories wherein we either forgot special occasions, or we just couldn't be physically present due to some circumstances. Good thing, not being there doesn't have to mean we didn't care. We can always send them Max's Restaurant dishes.

  1. Surprise your family by organizing a party at any of the Max's Restaurant branches.
  2. Opt to "take out" your family's favorite Max's Restaurant food and place it on the table with your personal note, if you really have to be at work and miss your family member's birthday.
  3. Have Max's Restaurant dishes delivered "now" or "later." That simply meant calling the delivery hotline (7-9000 in Metro Manila) and ask them to have food delivered within the hour after you placed your call, or have it scheduled - just provide them the date and time when you want to have it delivered, but do take note that deliveries have to be made by 8:30pm, as most branches don't operate 24 hours.
  4. You can go online and place your orders at - something that is very convenient for OFWs to send some love to their families here in the Philippines. Actually, even if you're here in the Philippines, you can still opt to have this service, as this is available nationwide. So, if you're out of town for a business meeting and you can't be at your loved one's birthday or any special occasion, you can go online, place your order and have it delivered or picked up at any Max's Restaurant branch.
With the ever growing of fast food establishments around us, sometimes it is better to share dishes that are family favorites - like Kare-Kare, Sinigang, Crispy Pata, and Fried Chicken. Sa Max's Restaurant, Salu-Salo Kahit Malayo.

Dad and Mom's 25th Wedding Anniversary Undas 2007
Parents' 25th Wedding Anniversary | Max's Restaurant - Robinson's Place Novaliches | Jan 2003
Visiting Dad's Grave | Forest Lake en Cielo - San Juan, La Union | Oct 2007

For us in the family, Max's Restaurant has always been a favorite. Sometimes, special moments were celebrated at Max's Restaurant (birthdays, parents' wedding anniversaries), and there were instances when the family would just go there and eat lunch or dinner.

I don't have any heartwarming story to share, but there's this one particular moment that will always be unforgettable to me: I was on my way home from work when dad sent me a text message asking me to meet the family at Max's Restaurant (SM Fairview) so we could eat dinner together. We were enjoying a very good meal, and from a distance there was a children's party...and Max's Restaurant mascot (Chikee) was there. I really am afraid of big birds with big beaks - mascots included, so when the mascot passed by our table, I was surprised. My brother on the other hand, called the mascot's attention and pointed at me, and the mascot came near me, his head almost near my face. I screamed so loud that it was so embarrassing! There I was, wearing my office uniform, screaming and crying like a little child... and my dad just laughed out at me.

The family truly had so many memorable moments at Max's Restaurant, and none of it will ever be the same again now that he has left us. Daddy may no longer with us, but as his death anniversary draws near, we are almost certain we would dine at Max's Restaurant and choose his favorite Max's Platter Meal (and I will have my ever favorite Green Mango Shake). He may not be physically be there with us, and there's no delivery service to heaven, but we could always offer the Caramel Bar on his grave. For this particular moment, it will be our lifeline to wherever he is.

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