Wednesday, March 13, 2013

iTea (SM City Fairview)

I always say that I am not really into milk (as my body can only tolerate small amounts) and it is seldom that I drink tea. The combination of tea and milk was weird for me at first, but as the nation embraced this drink and there seems to be a lot of Milk Tea shops, I slowly learned to appreciate its taste. I do have my personal favorites, but it doesn't mean I won't try the other milk tea concoctions anymore.

When I celebrated my birthday last year, us siblings decided to stay at the mall after the traditional birthday lunch (mom decided to travel back home right after lunch). As soon as we spotted this new Milk Tea Shop, sister immediately asked if we could try their drinks because she's one who is soooo into Milk Teas.

iTea - SM Fairview

iTea is (I think) the newest milk tea shop inside SM City Fairview. Unlike the others which have kiosks, iTea has a "full" store.

Order Up! :) Me and Sis waiting for orders

One thing to love about this setup was that people can sit down and enjoy their drink, and those with friends and family can also take time to catch up with life, stories, and go online on the side (the mall has free WiFi). I don't know the history behind iTea, but with a very extensive menu, I must say it was a little difficult to choose what to drink.

Behind the counter was a preview of how a drink is made. Things I loved: seeing them brew the tea, seeing syrups for flavor (I personally don't like the powdered tea mixed in water, it feels I am drinking instant tea, something I can do at home at a fraction of a cost), and this machine that shakes the cup before it is served to the customer. Also, with this setup, customers get to see how clean the product is.

Our Drinks
Brother's Drink Sister's Drink My Drink

Forgive me, but I seriously have forgotten the exact name of the drinks we had that day. From what I remember, brother had the strawberry one with black tapioca pearls, sister had the wintermelon (she wanted to try every milk tea shop to find out which one serves the best wintermelon milk tea) with tapioca pearls and egg pudding, and I had the oolong tea with popping bobba (tapioca pearls with syrup inside).

It wasn't the best milk tea we have tasted, but it was refreshingly good. Prices are reasonable, too.

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