Friday, December 5, 2008

Wake Up!


I had my first taste of coffee at the age 9. After my first cup (which I made when parents are out for work and my cousin was busy attending to my then baby sister), I was instantly addicted to it. My cousin got angry at me when she found out - saying I was still so young to drink coffee, so what I did was fix myself a glass of milk, take it in my room then come back to the dining area to get a teaspoon of coffee when the right moment came. At one time, I used to hide the whole jar of instant coffee in my closet so when I am done fixing myself a glass of warm milk, the coffee is already waiting in my room. The addiction came at its worst when I used to drink three cups of coffee one after the other.

When my cousin caught me keeping the jar of coffee in my closet, she didn't get angry at me, but I later found out that there were no more coffee in our dining area! I guess my cousin's way of preventing me from getting more addicted was to not have coffee in the house. For sure she talked to my parents as well.

I am happy with what she did because I am not much into coffee anymore, although once in a while I fix myself a cup of coffee. I could say that there are times that I would drink coffee everyday, but I only have one cup per day. This photo was part of the breakfast my friend K and I had in Las Palmas Hotel - Malate, Manila. I really loved this coffee because it's brewed and it's served with milk, not powdered cream.

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Z'riz said...

Hmmmm it's weird how coffee is BAWAL to kids...that makes it more appealing to them! I don't blame you for getting addicted! hehehe

I don't drink coffee plain black but I am more of a flavored coffee person or coffee with a flavored creamer..preferably cold :)

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Admin said...

Hahaha super addicted ka pala! I was once addicted to coffee as well but di ko naman tinatago yung instant coffee sa closet ko hehe :)

I also love brewed coffee served in hotels. Lalo na kapag may conference.


Samantha Ysabelle said...

your coffee is yum! i love mine with cream and sugar but i sometimes drink it black or with milo lalo na pag walang tulugan! btw, my ff entry is here. happy friday!

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maiylah said...

i like coffee, paminsan-minsan. pancake house also serves coffee with milk ... :)

thanks again for playing, Jenn
happy weekend!

Liza said...

i love coffee, black flavored, ice, maski ano basta coffee ;)

julie said...

Coffee is good but not for kids. My 7yo son's favorite smell is that of coffee.


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