Wednesday, December 10, 2008

5 for Wednesday - 121008

1. Does it bother you when you are eating and someone near you lets out a loud juicy fart?
>>> If it stinks, yes. But if not, it's okay.

2. Would you like for menu items at restaurants to list calorie counts?
>>> I don't really care about calories. I care about if it's too sweet, too salty, or too oily.

3. At an “all you can eat” restaurant, how much do you typically eat?
>>> I normally put in a tablespoon of each food then taste it. Then, I will choose the top three dishes from it then come back to the buffet table and binge. =)

4. Has anyone ever deliberately tried to sabotage your diet?
>>> Yes, my dad. When he was still alive, he knew I was dieting, so he tried sabotaging it by cooking oh so yummy dishes - most are my favorites. He knew I wouldn't resist it.

5. Have you ever had to pretend to like someone’s cooking to avoid hurting that person’s feelings?
>>> Yes. But I still would say, "It would have been better if...."

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Anya said...

hello jenn, musta na?

nice food blog, di na sya kahalo ng personal blog mo, good job!

i have an award for you nga pala, hope you can get it the soonest...

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