Monday, December 29, 2008

Beer and Sisig

Beer and Sisig

weekend snapshots

I was on a self-imposed Christmas break from blogging (though not really), but I am back now! =)

On Christmas day, us three siblings (sister's the one who took this photo) visited our next door neighbor because brother still hasn't seen Precious Meciel, 'te Cielo's daughter. When she called out to say that Meciel was already awake, we all went to pay the little angel a visit. 'te Cielo's husband kuya Mel offered brother a bottle of beer and Charmy's husband Jay offered sisig to go with his drink. It was quite a different scene, I think it was the first time I see some beer in their house, but they said that the two husbands had some bonding moments the night before, and their beer hasn't been completely consumed just yet.

Jay's sisig tasted good, although I think he should chop it more and grilled the pork pieces until it's a little crispy. But of course, it was really good. The taste can match up to the sisig I have tasted in restaurants.

I also had a bottle of beer, but I gave the last quarter to my sister. I am not really a beer drinker - I am more into hard drinks - because I think beer tasted way too bitter. I still go for tequila! Sharing stories and laughs was so great that day. They have surely become more than just neighbors for us. Thanks for the kindness!

*** Jenn ***


Dora said...

Looks like a nice gathering! Hope u had enjoyed yourself.

Happy New Year to u and ur family. :)

iska said...

Hmm... mukhang masarap ang handaan dyan...
Happy new year!

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