Friday, December 26, 2008

Bacalao with Hollandaise Sauce

Bacalao in Hollandaise Sauce

Just to rewind a bit... I shared a picture of my breakfast at the airport going to Bohol, I overlooked that I still haven't shared all the foods from Vigan! Sheez.. sorry!

Anyway, let me go back to the Vigan foods we've eaten. This is the Sizzling Bacalao Fish with Hollandaise Sauce, our dinner on our first day there. Around 8PM, K felt a little hungry, so we went out to go look for food. We were supposed to eat again at Max's Restaurant, but we saw that Cafe Leona had available seats outside, so K suggested we check out their foods so we can taste their food, too.

Cafe Leona serves foods in sizzling plates outside the restaurant - which was a much better place to eat in Vigan - seeing the surroundings at night time.. the lights and all that - so we checked for the price. K said it's pretty reasonable, so we ate there. K had the sizzling sea bass, and I had this. It was love at first taste, basically speaking... this one was so delicious that I ordered a cup of rice so I can enjoy it more! The sauce was perfect, and even though the sides of the fish (the skin) was very scaly, I have loved eating it!

It was a big fish (taking up all of the space in the plate) and we got up very full, so we decided to roam around and enjoy Vigan, which made me love the place more because it's not everyday that I could get to walk around Calle Crisologo or seeing the Plaza Salcedo at night time. Each and everyday, I am just practically shouting my big thank you to the Lord for letting me be there at that time.

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maiylah said...

wow ... nakakagutom! i believe i haven't tried that dish yet. :)

thanks for playing, Jenn
happy christmas!!

mirage2g said...

Sizzling plates are what I'd like to buy when I get home. If I can manage set up a sizzling resto here, wala kasi!!! hahaha, kamiss! I love hollaindaise with pineapple, yum!!

luna miranda said...

looks delish! sizzling plates always makes food more interesting 'no?

Em Dy said...

I've bever tried bacalao this way. We occasionally have it at home, cooked differentky, during Lent but it's not something I really look forward to. I wonder if I'll like this one though. Merry Christmas!

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