Wednesday, December 24, 2008

W = Wine Bottles



These images were taken during the QC Na! Kulinarya, Talento, atbp. event held last August. I am not really a wine drinker, but I was so interested with the bottles that I took pictures of them. Some of the wines were expensive, while some were cheap. The kiosk owner told me people can have a free sampling of the wine so they would know if they would like the taste of not. If only we had more money, we would surely buy one of those Paul Masson wine (the white one) because not only it was tasty, it was cheap, too! One bottle cost around 165 pesos (3.50USD), and it would also make a good water pitcher. Sadly, even if it was cheap, we still cannot buy it, or else we can't eat dinner and pay for the bus fare going home. =)

Are you a wine drinker? What's your favorite?

*** Jenn ***


DD said...

We aren't big wine drinkers, just occasionaly. I enjoy white zinfandel!

Bear Naked said...

We like any dry white wine.

Bear((( )))

Neva said...

Wine? where do I sign up? save some for me!! Love a good Chardonnay or a nice bold red.....

antigoni said...

Interesting post. I like champagne better. Merry Christmas.

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