Monday, December 15, 2008

Sinigang for Alvin


weekend snapshots

Last Monday, my good friend Alvin dropped by the house to visit me. He requested that I cook him lunch, and at first I had a hard time thinking what to cook, but come weekend before his visit, the weather started to get cold, so he just requested that I cook sinigang na baboy for him. Okay, that one I can do.

Sinigang na Baboy, or Pork in Sour Broth is one of the classic Filipino dishes that many considers as their comfort food. Different meats can be used for this dish - pork, beef, shrimps / prawns, fish - and it has many versions, from as simple as just the meat and the sour broth, to as extravagant as having many kinds of vegetables.

Personally, I am not that elaborate as far as this dish is concerned, as long as it has gabi (taro), kangkong (swamp cabbage), sitaw (string beans), and siling haba (chili fingers), I will be fine. Before, I prefer using pork belly, but because of health reasons, I decided to stay away from it. Now, I go for pork spare ribs. As a way to make my broth sour, I always use kalamansi (Philippine Lime).

Alvin loved the dish, and I was happy.

*** Jenn ***


sweetytots said...

kalamansi, i haven't tried that... o always use sampalok or bayabas.. i like kamias too.. please visit my entries kids ahoy project happiness and kiddo academy Christmas Party

Dora said...

Looks so special. Let me get a spoon and have a sip of soup. ;p

tigerfish said...

yes yes...i remember trying this kinds of sourish soup.

Kero said...

yummy yummy! hubby like sinigang too. and yes we prefer pork ribs or pig trotters for the recipe. thank you for the visit Jenn. Till next weekend!

spiCes said...

your sinigang looks really good! nangasim ako!:)

u8mypinkc00kies♥ said...

sinigang na baboy, baka or hipon for me!! basta may kangkong and a bit spicy! sarap!

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