Thursday, December 18, 2008

Food Choices - 121808

Eat like a king during lunch!
1. What time do you usually eat lunch?
>>> It's either 9AM or 2PM.

2. Do you combine breakfast and lunch together – brunch? What is usually the reason?
>>> Yes. I usually eat my brunch at 9AM or eat lunch at 2PM. I just got used to it... I sometimes would just sit in front of the computer and forget the time, so I just eat 2-in-1 meals so I won't eat that often.

3. What do you usually eat for lunch?
>>> If I have time to cook, I would cook rice and viand. Otherwise, I'd go for a quick cooking food like spaghetti. If there are left overs from last night's dinner, I would just reheat it.

4. Do you eat like a king or a pauper during lunch?
>>> Pauper. I eat like a king for dinner.

5. Do you eat dessert after eating even if at home? What do you usually take?
>>> We're not really dessert eaters, but if there are fruits, that's what we eat.

Fear Factor:
Durian or Balot?
>>> Balot. I really cannot eat durian. I can take the smell of durian, but the taste, I really CANNOT take.

Tell Me:
What one dish are you dying to eat that is usually just served during the holiday season?
>>> Spaghetti with Two Sauces. It's not a typical Christmas dish, but here in our home, I started cooking this for Christmas sometime ago, and it was a hit with the family, that we only serve it during Christmas lunch. I am now looking forward to eat it again.

*** Jenn ***

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