Friday, December 12, 2008

Bangus Pate and Green Mango Shake

Bangus Pate and Green Mango Shake

On our first day in Vigan, I ate my lunch at Jollibee, so when K invited me out to eat, I just ordered a glass of green mango shake. It's my favorite kind of shake, and Max's only serve the best green mango shake (in my opinion). K on the other hand ordered for this appetizer - bangus pate with fried molo wrappers. I took a taste of it, and the bangus pate really tasted good. The taste of the snack with the shake was a great mix. I would surely try it again.

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mirage2g said...

I love Bangus, however way cooked, and as pate ok din! molo wrappers ang i-dip? kewl combi! Happy weekend!

maiylah said...

that looks really yummy! i guess i would love that combo, too! :)

appreciate your playing again, Jenn!
happy ff

Samantha Ysabelle said...

sarap naman nyan! im a big bangus and green mango shake fan myself.. especially the ones from sarangani bay. they don't have the muddy taste that some bangus have. i miss green mango shakes! wala kasi nyan dito.. btw, my ff entry is now up too! here's the link:

drop by if you have time. thanks!

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